Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Milo 2017: Anambra State govt abandons state basket ball contingents

By Kingsley Ezenwenyi
Akunaetigbu Okwu

You're busy campaigning of zero potholes in Anambra and little things are being ignored. I was at Nnamdi Azikiwe sports stadium to witness the milo basket ball competition going on. It is unfortunate to report that the state government did nothing to support the state representative with even a dime unlike former governor Peter Obi or Ngige before him. What a contradiction!
I felt so embarrassed how 30 kids(15 boys and 15 girls) are logged in five rooms in a rundown hotel without a standby generator and running water. The athletes have to come down two stories building to fetch water for bathing and other issues. As if that was not bad enough, their feeding is nothing to write home about. Milo provided N200,000 for each state representatives and other states augmented that of their contingents. I tried calling Primus from the stadium to inform him of the hardship the state contingents were going through but as usual, he wouldn't pick the call thinking one is calling him for reason I can't fathom.
This press government should stop. Prestocracy- Government of Press, by Press, for press in Anambra is not doing us any good. Information had it that the state commissioner for education and that of sports are threatening the sports persons to return the N200,000 milo provided or risked being fired. What a shame. Other states are augmenting the milo fund and Anambra is busy trying to corner the little milo provided.
Today, I have to make sure they have a good lunch and Engineer Bart Nwibe- Ugo Igbo on hearing this, have furnished me with N75,000 to give to the athletes for their feeding.
These boys and girls are representing Anambra not their school. No school is mentioned by name but state. The girls won their three games against Ebonyi, Cross River and Rivers. The boys lost their games as low morale has hit the camp. Willie is working while the work that is supposed to be done is left undone.
These children are our future leaders. The school have done marvelous in qualifying to represent the state. Now, the state they are representing doesn't even know they need to be taken care of. I saw Ebonyi with tracksuit and uniform basketball snickers but Anambra state contingents with snickers of different colors individually/personally sponsored. When you see our contingents, you cannot but remember Dolly Parton's song "coat of many colors" looking at their feet. Milo provided the jerseys but not footwear. Anambra uniformity, ended with jersey as provided by milo.
It's a pity that we are letting Anambra down under this administration and remember, Wilie is working.

............My Stand..........

Commissioner for youths and sports is even helping to kill sports in this state together with Willie

Can you imagine that the commissioner will love to institute crisis in youth sector and also in sports sector.

How will they carter for the state representatives,for all they know is to milk the little money given to them.

Thanks to Engr Barth Nwibe for his love and care towards this children.

This is our Anambra that some group are killing and will still shout Willie is working!!!

#correction2017 is the only solution to this mence.

Our commissioner for Youth and sports is killing  youth sector by organizing thugs as youth leaders in this state while Anambra youth has chosen who to lead them to the promise land,she also killed sports sector by not paying attention to sports activities in this state.She also intimidate sports official and how will they continue with her attitude,all they did was to leave her and today sports in Anambra is a mess

May God help us!!!

All copied oh!



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