Friday, 5 May 2017

Don't beg me to deputize you, Ezeemo replies Obiano and his shenanigans

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TONY OKIGBO-The proverbial akidi that does not know boundaries🙉
We read today on a page of Authority newspaper the view attributed to one shenanigan, Tony Okigbo who works for Governor Willie Obiano as S.A on Grassroot Mobilisation and Enlightenment, that Mr. Godwin Ezeemo is not qualified to be a Deputy Governor to his paymaster, Willie Obiano. One would have treated the matter with a wave of hand since it's coming from a persona non grata but for a simple reason of putting the fool to where he belongs, hence this response.
First, there was no such time the governorship hopeful of PPA, Mr. Godwin Ezeemo, met with Willie Obiano and asked for the position of a Deputy Governor. Mr. Ezeemo never did and will never do. Such satanic verse can only be written by the devil in the guise of Tony Okigbo or aspersion throwers seeking to set the course of nature on fire. It's either that the man Okigbo has gone insane or is living in reverie.
It is a historical fact that a more credible Anambrarian has asked Godwin Chukwunaenye Ezeemo to be deputy when it was feasible in the past, 3 times, and 3 times rejected by the incorrigible Godwin Ezeemo.
Mr. Godwin Ezeemo has never been and is not a member of APGA and therefore is not interested in emerging under APGA as a Governor or Deputy Governor.
Mr. Okigbo in the lure of his unsound mind said that Ezeemo is "not competent for such job even though he may have the wherewithal". It baffles us, how else can a man be competent to govern a state when he has the wherewithal-intellectual wherewithal, financial wherewithal, technical wherewithal, experience wherewithal and so on? What type of competence is required under the constitution of Nigeria that Mr. Ezeemo falls short of?
More so, the silly Okigbo must be drunk to have inferred that Ndi Anambra have made up their minds on his principal, when reverse is the case. The truth is that Ndi Anambra is keenly waiting for November 18th to vote out Governor Willie Obiano back to his swimming pool in Houston Texas (glass of wine in hand).
Ndi Anambra are desirous of change from a government of scam, incompetence, sloganeering and financial squalor to visionary leadership which Mr. Ezeemo represents.
New order is absolutely inevitable and Ezeemo is the new order.
Tony Okigbo is a monumental political failure and asinine who failed even the least elective position in Nigeria-councillorship and then turned himself into a demented political praise singer to entertain his paymaster, to remain on payroll. Okigbo you can continue to sing your falsetto diminuendo till the whirlwind comes and blows you away by November 18, 2017.



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