Thursday, 18 May 2017

Ezeemo, SAN call for speedy implementation of Independent candidacy

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By O'star Eze

A frontline politician and businessman of international repute, Godwin Chukwunenye Ezeemo has joined voice with other top eminent Nigerians in hailing and calling for speedy implementation of the recent recommendation of independent candidacy into Nigeria's electoral process by the Senator Ken Nnamani-led constitution and Electoral Reform Committee.

Ezeemo, in an exclusive chat with Blueprint, said that the recommendation would be a welcome development as it would reduce the unfriendly attitude of political parties who hold individuals aspiring for political positions to ransom, at the expense of good representation of the masses.

He added that introducing independent candidacy would ensure that those who take up positions of power are those elected by the people and not by a political party alone, and demanded a speedy implementation  of the recommendation as it would ensure credible candidate which would be to the benefit of the people.

Similarly, Ahmed Raji, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, while nodding at the recommendation, opined that it would curb the undemocratic tendencies of some of the political parties whereby either because of the use of money or personal interest,  the real choice of the people is not allowed to emerge.

"Perhaps, if there is room for independent candidacy, it will make the parties to set up and feed good candidates," he said.

On his part, another SAN, Sebastien Hon maintained that there is nothing wrong in allowing independent candidate to participate in elections "As it is by the willingness of the people to enthrone sound democratic principles and ethos. In this regard, the political parties have failed Nigerians so much that people don't trust political parties much again apart from party members themselves."

He however added that a good number of party members don't trust their parties and that a large number of Nigerians shy away from politics because of the stigma attached to the activities of political parties.

"So,  if independent candidacy is introduced into our electoral system,  some other people will come up; who do not have affiliation with political parties,  will throw themselves into the ring and we will have better results and representation," Hon concluded.



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