Saturday, 20 May 2017

EEDC is oppressive to customers

Enugu Electricity Distribution Company EEDC, is very wicked and a dangerous oppressive Government of self made in Obosi Inland and Urban as a Community, Idemili North local Government Area of Anambra State, Preservation of People's Rights International, PPRI (a human rights group) have now believed that Nigeria have a private company that is above the State and the Federal Government.
Privatization has killed this nation if one can be honest to himself, the day the Nigeria government sold Power Holding Company of Nigeria, PHCN to private business men, it was obvious that the entire citizenry were sold for slavery and their liberty and joy were also handed over to the modernized crafty colonial masters.
Preservation of People's Rights International's independent investigation has revealed that the outrageous bills this company distributed for the month of April  2017 within the communities in Anambra State is capable of truncating peace and democracy in Nigeria.
Where are the prepaid meters the EEDC promised  Ndi-Anambra since last year, this Platform think, it is time for Anambra State Government to March her words with actions.
If EEDC is allowed to continue subjecting the citizens of Anambra State to slavery, humiliation and oppression in her outrageous and malicious energy billing, it may be a gateway to breakdown of law and order if Government fails to do the needful, as Ndi-Anambra and Obosi people to be precise are now groaning in pains of bitterness and asking God many questions and this organization will, in order to fight for the rights of the opposed, will be left with no other option than seeking redress in the court of law after 72 hours of statement and nothing positive is done.
Comrade Nweke Nweke
{National Coordinator, PPRI}
Comrade Larry Onwuta
{National Secretary, PPRI}



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