Tuesday, 16 May 2017

APGA is delaying Anambra Central Senatorial poll-- Obi

 By Mazi Odera

At the ARTHUR MBANEFO HALL,GOLDEN TULIP ,FESTAC ,during Question and answer session ..

Oracle was asked his position on the ANAMBRA Senatorial race ,having in mind that Victor Umeh had been running from Pillar to grave crying that Peter Obi did not allow the Zone to have a representative in the Red chambers and here is his response ..


I supported Uche Ekwunife during the Senatorial race ,because she is not only a better candidate but She has Superb experience having served at the House of Reps and with lots of great result to her credit ,even her enemies will not deny her that .

She is a woman with class and poise ,She is a woman that gets what she wants and will not stop until she gets it .

I am talking from Experience because I have contested against her on Gubernatorial level ,I won her but with lots of heat ,infact after that election I discovered that She is a full force that is better on your side than opposing you . She is a formidable opponent ,any day and anytime ,not just a candidate you will wave off or take for granted.

So when she wants to contest for Senate I openly gave her full support because she left a legacy in the house of Reps which is far better than many people that has gone to the house.

Some Candidate have never vied for Local Government Chairman ,so no iota of experience and yet they want to start with Senate .

You don’t send a Nursery Team to International debate when you have Tertiary FIRST CLASS, such place are not for Neophytes who will cut political milk teeth at the detriment of the Zone .

So when I was asked to Contest for Senate ,I told them that Uche Ekwunife has all it takes to brings back our portion of the bacon and even more ,,imagine as a member of PDP she was able to grab the most profitable Portfolio which is Chairman Downstream Petroleum ,it shows ,she is a power house .

It pains the heart that despite her land slide winning and great position in the Senate ,some people out of mischief used fund that is supposed to be used and better the lives of state and masses ,the fund was channeled into taking away the only better position ceded to Alaigbo .

It gets funny that they turned to say that I was the reason why ANAMBRA CENTRAL has no Senator ,but it’s funny because we had one and they removed her ,then they want another election to replace her and we say ,OK ,let’s go and ask the people who will represent them ,but they keep running from one court room to another to make sure that the election did not hold .

What I can say is that I have no case in court anywhere that relates to ANAMBRA Central Senatorial ,but anytime they want the election to hold ,they should come out and show that they are qualified, and the only way is to beat other parties without minding who the candidate is ,the reason for election is to have people choose who they want that will represent them ,it is choice of the masses and not to constrain them with only one candidate that has no value …

I joined the race when it became obvious that Senator Ekwunife has been conspired against by those who should’ve shown her Love and support for being active in the house.

I was brought into the race by Major Former PDP GOVERNORS and since most House Committee Chairmen were given to 2 Time Ex Governors from other states ,it means it’s best Ndigbo sent another 2 time Ex Governor for maximum impact because he is meeting his mates and colleagues without introductions.

In Abia,Ebonyi and Enugwu they all have 3 Senators each but ask anybody about Senators from those places and see who they will mention .

Well anytime APGA stop or withdraw all the Court cases they instigated ,and get ready for election of ANAMBRA CENTRAL ,it will be done .



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