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Aisha exposes Gov. Obiano’s corrupt aides, commissioners

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Gov. Obiano
By Aisha Edward 
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Aisha sharing her books
Deadly Silence that caused a nervous breakdown:
Anambra State Commissioner for HEALTH, WOMEN AFFAIRS and SAs on Entrepreneurs and Empowerment are the Real Agents of Government Sabotage.
It is one thing to live in silence for peace to reign, but when that silence becomes poisonous one has no other option than to voice out. Over the years persons living with sickle cell disorder in Anambra State has lived in silence, allowing peace to reign, but this silence has been perceived as weakness, as the ill treatment they continue to receive is choking them to death, and it's high time they voiced out.
People rested with the responsibility of the Health Sector in the State has lived in charade of ignorance to Gross Abuse of this sector. It is no longer News that scrupulous individuals are making money out of the unfortunate fate of persons living with sickle cell, from selling of fake drugs to floating of fraudulent foundations, yet the Commissioner For Health has feigned Ignorance, even after his office has been brought in the know severally. This sheer ignorance which begs answers to many questions, Is the commissioner a partaker in the crime against us? Or does he hate us so much that he wishes us death, and will do nothing when our lives as sickle cell persons are threatened?

let's start from the Genesis of our travails in the hands of the Commissioner for Health. in 2015, when we began our activities as Association of Persons Living With Sickle Cell Disorder, the commissioner's private hospital was highly recommended for our members as a Government functionary owing to our assumption that being the commissioner he will not strangle us with bills like Some other Private Hospitals usually do, but we were wrong as he doubled the rope of strangulation, making his bills so exorbitant, even when his treatments had little or no effect on our Crisis. We approached him, and as usual we were assuaged that it will get better subsequently. But it became worse. We later discovered that it was so because we had busted a fraudulent Association used in defrauding sickle cell persons in the state own by one Mokebe who is still in secret partnership with the commissioner, and from our investigations the commissioner was a part of that syndicate, as they operated under the cover of the Government of ANAMBRA State.
Growing over his bills, we wrote a proposal to the Governor through the office of the commissioner, and it took several months to years for us to get 1/10 or 1percent of our requests, it was strongly clear that the commissioner sat on the progress and even delayed the fund released for several months. It was after we started losing members and made a public cry that he rushed to present the 1million Naira cheque to us in a guide of a Sickle cell disorder seminar anchored by Dr. Ezenyimulu. On the said day of the presentation, the commissioner showed pictures of impostors and persons his ministry had aided in various health challenges, and according to him his ministry used over a 113 Million Naira in saving 5 persons, that also made us wonder how such an amount was used to save just 5 persons ranging from fire incident and kidney transplant and 1 million is giving to a group of over 700 sickle cell persons. Was it another political charade? we wondered.
While we thought our pains had ended, the commissioner broke the camel's back in June last year when he organized a pararel World Sickle Cell Day Celebration a week after the United Nations approved date. It was baffling as we invited both the Commissioner and the Governor, but none showed up on the 3day program we celebrated the world sickle cell Day, same Day as stipulated by UN. Could it be that the commissioner siphoned the money meant for the celebration, and rushed to organize a charade with Secondary School Students posed as sickle cell persons. How can you celebrate world sickle cell Day without any single sickle cell person present?
Countless occasions we have written the commissioner on the illegal activities of one Mr Ben Oko who claims to have cure of sickle cell disorder, a disorder that is known to have no cure in the world according to Dr. Mrs Ezenyimulu yet The commissioner promised to wade into the matter, but nothing was done, and even when our Association effected the arrest of those con men, as we have lost members to their deceit, they were released to continue their deals. Does it not look obvious that the Commissioner has a special interest in Mr Oko and Mokebe that he is willing to allow them maim lives of sickle cell Persons in the state.
The commissioner for Health is not our only lice, as the Commissioner for Women Affairs is another front that has mercilessly eaten us deep. She claims she adopted 3 sickle cell Children who are not her biological Daughters and one died under her custody and later buried at Asaba, Even when parents can't even keep up with the cost of managing one not even those with affluence in the Society, yet she adopted 3. It is a clear fact that she uses them to collect money from churches and Benefactors. If she has no skeletons to hide, why not allow these kids come for our meetings and Clinical Check up? Or even Send them to Anambra State social welfare Home rather than her private Residence?
The same persons that claim she loves persons living with sickle cell disorder will deny our members access to Government approved skill acquisition and Empowerment packages, only to replace our names with that of friends and political allies.
The SA on Youth Empowerment seems a stronger leech in Disguise whom we told our complaints in confidence and trust, and as a respected Doctor Who will understand better than his contemporaries and was never expected to betray our trust or dash our hope, we gave him our Statement's of our Account, with people empowered so far and an appeal letter for the empowerment of our male Members who appeared ostracized, But Again he allayed our fears and promised to intervene and aid us in making a better recommendation, only for him to use it against us,and even when help is about coming our way from the Government through World Bank Relief , he stops it and of course Channelled to Almighty HIV Victims who mainly are assumed to be the architect of their Health Misfortune, all this frustration meted out on us is to kill our progress and make us weak since His brother who is a Bishop in the state is making plans to float a Sickle Cell Foundation, and thinking we may be a Competition, he is using every power he has to stall our Progress until the Bishop his Brother Lunches the Said Proposed Foundation Claiming that he also lost a Senior brother to Sickle Cell Disorder.
Again are some of the Personal Assistants to the wife of the Governor, these ones deny us access to either Have audience with Her Excellency and the packages from the First Lady, always coming with the lame excuse that we are not disabled, only to select one or two names and replace the rest of our names with their family Members who have no disability whatsoever.
We have kept mute for a long time, but it is good we speak out now so the World will see how a Government we have shown so much love, Support and Projecting their Goodwill is treating us. Let it be known that regardless of how they treat us, We still Owe our allegiance to our deceased members to Speak out on the pains and Agonies they went through before their death. Let it also be registered in their minds that even if Many of us Go down fighting for Justice many more will Someday Rise up and Get that Justice even in Death. We shall always Soar Higher in the Face of our Adversaries. We Surely do not need anybody's pity at this Stage but people Sensitive Conscience with empathy for our Rights to Live like Others. May God bless the Good People of Ndi Anambra State. Long Live the Governor of the State.
Aisha Edward
National Coordinator

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