Thursday, 25 May 2017

Aforka hails court judgment that sacks Oye, Obiano faction

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The Judgement Of  Justice J.B Ozoemena of Enugu High Court On Authentic APGA Leadership: Protests, Contempt of Court and The Real Enemies of Our Democracy in Anambra State

Ladies and Gentlemen!

I have carefully watched for 24 hours the insipid charade of some enemies of the state in rising against the judgement of Justice Ozoemena on the Leadership questions of our great Party APGA. I have keenly followed the demonstrations punctuated with Placards and adorned by hired old men and women in the garb of APGA youths blackmailing and insulting a Learned Judge to the extent of calling him an " Untrained Trader"

I have cautiously read through the aspersions cast on the National Chairman of our Great Party Ochudo Martin Agbaso, a proud, ebullient and resourceful son of Emekuku in Igbo Hinterland of Imo State by yet upcoming young men and supposed party stakeholders in Anambra State. It is pertinent to remind these rising men on mask that Chief Ochudo Martin Agbaso represents a revolutionary and renaissance image of our great party APGA. It is incumbent on me to remind every true APGAN that at the age of 32 years, Chief Martin Agbaso has become a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and has completely become the Platonian " Deus Ortesius " in Imo Politics. Our New National Chairman signifies a Macrocosmic image of APGA. He is the foundation for a rejuvenation of the APGA bu Nkeanyi Ideology across the East and across the Country!

Further More, May I consciously advice folks who are on a dead end mission of attacking Justice Ozoemena in Placards to desist from such rascality and opaque showcase of their ignorance of the Law. The Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and those of our party APGA are abundantly clear on how to proceed in a democratic setting. The Charade at the Streets of Awka, disturbing and confusing Anambarians and party men who are relishing the judgement of Justice Ozoemena must stop forthwith less we make ridicule of our great party APGA in the eyes of Opposition Political Parties standing " mouths agape and hands akimbo" to pounce on our Self Inflicted Nuisance!

I call on the Institution of government, The Police and INEC to study Justice J Ozoemena Judgement and strictly follow the order of the Learned Court stated therein!  This is no time for Political gangsterism but a time to quickly consolidate and rally a renaissance for the Victory of our Party at the Pools come November 18th, 2017!

I have studied the Judgement of Justice Ozoemena and I completely agree " in totalita " with his conclusions and order of Mandamus!  As a Stakeholder in Our Party and a Believer that APGA will never die in the very wishes of Ikemba Dim Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu, I call on true and not " kinship or clanish " stakeholders of our great party APGA to obey the judgement of the court and key into the Leadership of Chief Martin Agbaso!

I am a staunch believer that APGA Bu Nkeanyi!  I am a strong believer in ' Onye Aghana Nwanne ya "!
I am a Believer that APGA will win massively and with landslide Victory in the Coming November 18th, 2017!


Dr Elo Afoka
APGA Gubernatorial Aspirant 2017



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