Friday, 24 March 2017

Why APGA can't endorse Gov. Obiano for second tenure

By Okechukwu Onuegbu
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It is no more news that the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) cannot endorse Anambra State Governor, Chief Willie Obiano for a second term.

The party's first endorsement was approved by a faction led by Victor Ike Oye barely 24 hours a member of the faction, Dr Elo Afoka wrote a public letter, insisting that he is still in the race under APGA platform.

The party’s Publicity Secretary, Ifeatu Obi-Okoye, who read out their position as contained in a communiqué at the end of APGA’s National Working Committee, equally appointed five new national officers to replace those they expelled in December 2016.

APGA had been enmeshed in crises following the expulsion of Victor Ike-Oye and some members of the party by NEC of the party which favoured Ozo Nwabueze, then National Vice Chairman (South) of the party to act as Acting National Chairman.
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Consequently, both faction went to court during which Oye and his loyalists including Governor Willie Obiano and Victor Umeh, its immediate past Chairman lost, and later on, expelled seven members of Ozo’s faction including Mr Campbell Nzekwe, Chief Ozo Nwabueze, Mr Jerry Obasi, Mrs Ezinne Agbagwu, Mr Chucks Nwoga, Mr Terry Godfrey and Okey Okoloagwu.

Following the death of Ozo in a mysterious cause last November, his faction announced its intention to appoint a former governorship candidate of the party at Imo state, Chief Martins Agbese but later, kept mute till date.

Probably, this could be why the National Publicity Secretary of APGA loyal to Oye, Mr Ifeatu Obi-Okoye, who read the faction’s endorsement of Obiano in a communiqué, said that five new officers were appointed in an acting capacity pending their ratification by the National Executive Committee.

“Those appointed are Mr Stephen Nwoga (Lagos), Deputy Organising Secretary, Mrs Elizabeth Nwokocha (Imo), Deputy Financial Secretary and Ms Ada Nwanyanwu (Imo) National Woman Leader. Others are Mr Chinedu Nebeife (Enugu) National Youth Leader and Mr Uche Nwegbo National Vice Chairman South East,” he said, adding that the appointment was with immediate effect, while two remaining vacant national offices would be filled at a later date.

The scribe also disclosed that the party has passed a vote of confidence on Gov. Willie Obiano owing to what they described as “landmark achievements in several areas, including prompt and regular payment of workers’ salaries and pension, making Anambra one of the most secured in the country and the agricultural hub of West Africa, road construction, rural electrification and for giving N20m to each community in the state to execute projects of their choice”.

He said, “We also set up three committees as part of the party’s preparation for the Nov. 18 gubernatorial election in Anambra. The committees are Election Strategy Committee, headed by Chief Mike Kwentoh; APGA Electoral Guidelines for Primary Election Committee, headed by Mr Ifeanyi Mbaeri and Party Membership Review Committee headed by Mr Ibrahim Carefor. They also dispatched a delegation led by the National Chairman, Dr Victor Oye to Abia and another delegation led by Mr Samson Olalere to Lagos to resolve the party’s leadership crisis in both states”.

Meanwhile, Elo Aforka, a cousin of Victor Umeh and SSA to the Deputy Governor on Political Matters, whose campaign posters have flooded the major streets of the state, in a public letter he read at Nnewi and made available to, “My good people, after a thoughtful consideration I choose this time to inform you of my intention to be the next Governor of Anambra state come 2018.

“This is in due of what is common place in our state today. The present Government has derailed like rudderless ship and is now moving our state inexorably unto destruction. Ndi Anambra, there is now a clear shift from what we promised you in 2013 and what we have done for you. That's why is important I make my stand unequivocally known.

“In the past, as a people in government, our party APGA had worked very hard to revive Anambra State from a state of political crisis and fiscal crisis. With prudence and excellent political judgments, our government and the party leadership was able to get Anambra away from the woods. But today, Anambra has joined the class of states borrowing for no good reason.

“Obiano administration has deviated very sadly from the vision of our party's founding fathers. Obiano's administration has unashamedly reinvented nepotism and clannishness in our political consciousness, a dangerous value that has capacity to return Anambra into Hobbesian state of nature where brutality, nasty nature of man had been returned completely.

“There are now rumours of threats of assassination of this man and that man. Besides, nepotism and clannishness are impeachable offences as it is contrary to our party constitution and the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Obiano's administration has exalted self-indulgence, a recipe to total eclipse of the residue of Igbo values.

“In his book, "The Clash of Civilizations & The Making of New World Order", American Doctor Samuel Huntington listed self-indulgence as one of the major indexes of collapsing civilizations. Self-indulgence, allowing yourself enjoy what you don't need. Huntington listed them as: Gay, Lesbianism, Drunkenness, undue rights to children in relation to Parents, wastefulness etc. The rumor of our Governor drinking drunk is rife.

“The picture of Governor drinking like a street boy is everywhere in the social media. The Miss Anambra Chidimma is a product of this Government. In the so-called mass burial of the Civil War biafrans, one flavour was invited to sing Ukwu Sara mbara" and the Governor of Anambra State & wife were seen dancing as if in clubbing hall where revelling reigns.

“Obiano's administration is extremely wasteful. It is a regime, good at organizing one irrelevant carnival or the other even in the face of terrible recession. Undue multiplication of political position just for the sake of apportioning appointments to his towns men and near-aliens who where imported from United Kingdom & United States.

“The only thing they understand is money, women and yeomen.
Obiano's administration has first class in importation of near-aliens from Europe & America to serve in the government creating unnecessary strife and animosity both within our great party and the state. Worst still some of these men are taxi drivers and hotel waiters who have no expertise value in any needed area. Virtually all of them are ignorant of the feelings of the people.

“Obiano' administration is embarrassingly politically naive. And this perhaps is responsible for wholesome collapse of government in Anambra. He has created unnecessary strife within our only political heritage by putting misfits in sensitive positions of the party thereby breeding mediocrity and consequent near collapse of the party structure. He now moves around like a 6th century monarch who has no connection to the feelings of the people and only to be seen rarely with a retinue of guards. This is a mockery of a people who have been both multiply taxed and overtaxed.

“Obiano's experience has shown a hundred percent justification of the call for the domestication of APGA. Importation of so-called world class people can no longer stand. APGA should now look inward and no longer outside. That bemused mentality has expired.

“Obiano's administration has trumpeted an economic blueprint that has no consequential outcome on people's life. Good as his four pillars of Trade and commerce, Agriculture, Oil and Gas and Industrialization may look with the attendant enablers, Obiano lacks the political sagacity & will to move them beyond papers. He lacks the substructure; he can do little or nothing on the superstructure of economy.

“The collapse of the Nigeria economy is not as a result of the kind of economic blueprint we run but a failure of political leadership. It is now clear, contrary to Karl Max Theory, that political values are the driver's of all systems within any state or nation. Having thoughtfully considered all these and having worked for APGA for fourteen years, and having prayed very fervently to the Godhead the sole owner of all mortals, I have written to our party APGA informing them of my intention to run for Governorship this year.

“In answer to my prayers, my people, The Lord of all the earth, the sole owner of the seats of Kings anointed me as He did to David and has instructed me to contest with Saul. That He shall give me victory against Goliath. The Father of our Lord Jesus Christ said "you are the answer of the long prayers of your party faithfuls". ”You are the fulfilment of the vision of the founding fathers of your party”. Go & win the ticket of APGA from Saul and win the election proper.

“Against this background, my people, I wish to inform you that I will run for the position of Governor of Anambra state under APGA come 2017. Our target is not long stories. We shall fight to breach the gap between the poor and the rich. All my strength shall be channeled towards enabling people put food on their table, making sure people have something in their pocket for daily living.

“The building of roads shall never be a campaign thing for us again. Any people that have justifiable need for road shall have it. I will dissolve the joint local government account with State. Close down JAAC office & conduct local government election. In the fullness of time, our socioeconomic blueprint will made available to all.

“The young people are reminded that this is their project. It is their life, hope and future not only in Anambra but Nigeria and black Africa in that my candidacy & victory will encourage youth participation in politics as I am 35 years plus. 25 to 40 years is the thinking age. I assure the young and the disadvantaged of our state that I will fight their fight, die their death. I will accept poverty to make many millionaires & billionaires. Ignore those telling you it is their turn. It is nobody's turn.

“ When the white people came to black Africa, they told our fathers while pillaging Africa resources that they should build their treasures in heaven where no moths will touch or steal them. That's similar when somebody says is their turn opening rooms for mediocrity. We have seen that this argument holds no water. There shall be no more governor by Serendipity. We shall build APGA from bottom up. Zoning in Anambra is pure gibberish. We shall revive small scale businesses stifled by multiple taxation and overtaxation. We shall make education free from primary to tertiary level. Under our watch, unarmed protesters shall not be killed in the name of hoodlums. Be assured that I will investigate Obiano's regime
I will return the state to the people. Thank you and God bless”.



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