Sunday, 19 March 2017

Hairdresser seeks divorce over mother-in-laws intrusion, husband’s negligence

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By Okechukwu Onuegbu

An Awka, Anambra State born hairdresser, Nkiru Anarah (nee Nwogbo) has asked the state customary Court sitting at Amawbia to dissolve her marriage with one Ikechukwu Anarah, who she accused of negligence to her wellbeing.

According to Nkiru, three months after their marriage in 2009, her mother-in-law came in between the marriage, inciting her husband to start exercising some strange behaviours.

“One day, my husband told me that he has impregnated a lady and wants my opinion on that issue. I told him that I have nothing to say. Later on, I took ill, and went to hospital where a physician confirmed that I was pregnant. When I gave my husband the letter, he threw it off without making a comment or showing a sign of jubilation.

“Thereafter, he started coming home at late hours of night. He would neither provides for me or eat my food. As if keeping malice with me was not enough, my love returned home one morning and ordered me outside the house. As I got outside, he locked the door and left.

“As I waited for him to come and open the door in futility, at about 9 P.M, I left to my father’s house which is close by. He never came to see my parents after that day. My people even went to inquire from him what led him to drive me out of his house. He told them that he would come and see them which he never did.

“When it was a time for me to be delivered of the baby, I went to Amaku General Hospital during which my people informed him. He never honoured the invitation. I had a save delivery and he was duly informed but he declined the invitation again. The son was named Chimzutaram Anarah.

“Later on, my cousin married to the same village, informed me that my husband has married the girl he once told me that he impregnated. The woman also told me that the new couple threw my properties outside our matrimonial home. When I went to confirm the rumour, I discovered that my properties had been destroyed by mice and rodents where they were dumped.

“My people, again, met with him, asking him to tell them what was amiss so that they can resolve the impasse. My husband told them to go and that he would rather come and see them with his people. This he never did till date” she complained.

Nkiru, therefore, pleaded with the court to dissolve the marriage for her to retain her maiden name “Nwogbo”, as well as to grant her custody of their child till he grows to live with his father.

The President of the Customary Court, Joy N. Mbachu, while adjourning the case to April 3, 2017 for cross-examination, mandated the defendant, Ikechukwu Anarah, who came late at the court session, to come and defend the allegations leveled against him.



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