Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Group says pastors are murderers, urges parents to stop sending kids as house-help

By Okechukwu Onuegbu

A right group, Welfare Peace and Universal Human Rights Initiative (WPHRI) has urged parents, especially widows to desist from sending their children as house-help to people following what they termed rising cases of child abuse, and murder allegedly perpetrated by the would-be helpers.
Late Chibuzor

The National President of WPHRI, Chris Prince Chidiadi, who spoke to at Nnewi, cited two cases of Pastors, who according to him, murdered their teenage helpers, even as he wondered why the religious (Born Again) that ought to be preaching against the inhuman act are fond of the dastardly act.

He disclosed that, “We have learnt of one Master Chibuzor Vincent Okeke, a 10 year old boy whose corpse was laid to rest at his father’s compound in Ogbenwe Village, Oba in Idemili South Local Government Area of Anambra State on January 5, 2017, was allegedly murdered at Gwagwalada F.C.T Abuja on the 22nd of Dec. 2011 by one pastor Miss Ifeoma, an indigene of Enugo Village Ojoto in Idemili South Local Government Area.

“Chibuzor was buried after spending 6 years in the mortuary, while Ifeoma, the culprit was charged to Court. As at time of this incident, Ifeoma was a Pastor of a new Sabbath Church at F.C.T. Abuja. It was alleged that the woman after hitting Chibuzor, tied him with a piece of cloth, rubbed pepper all over his body before locking him inside a room as she goes out.

“When she returned 12 hours later, Chibuzor’s body has swollen up. She then untied the boy, and took him to a hospital at Gwagwalada where he was confirmed dead. She claimed that he was her son. But sensing foul play, the hospital quickly alerted the police and they came and arrested the female Pastor. When she was insisting that the boy was her son, the real mother and widow, Ngozi Okeke visited the place.

“Ngozi was moved to come to the area after her efforts to reach out to her son through one Anulika, an indigene of Isu-Ebii, Oba who is Pastoring one Sabbath Church at Lagos failed. Anulika had pleaded on the poor widow to release her son to live with her Sister, Tochi whose Sabbath Church is situated at Lagos. The mother of four children obliged her request and handed Chibuzor over to her. Anulika in return, sent him to Tochi, who subsequently transferred him to Pastor Miss Ifeoma at Abuja.

“We also learnt that when the boy’s corpse was in the mortuary due to legal battles and investigations surrounding his death, unknown persons plucked out his eyes. Again, the case has suffered lots of adjournments from 2012 till date. The murder was a conspiracy with those that took him from his mother. We still believe that one day, they will face God’s judgment. May the soul of Late Chibuzor Vincent Okeke rest in perfect peace, Amen!”

Chidiadi subsequently recalled another incident which occurred on 4th November, 2016 at Nnewi, saying that, “On 4th November, 2016, I saw one Obiageli Okoye, a 14 year old girl around Izuchukwu and Eastern Mass Transit Motor Parks, Nnewi. She looked unkempt. As a result, I sought to find out where she was coming from and where she was heading to. She told me that she is from Umulum, Ayamelu Local Government Council area of Anambra State.

“Obiageli also revealed that her mother’s name is Andeline Okoye, while her late father is Ginika Okoye. She also told me that she ran away from her guardian, a Pastor of Sabbath Church at Ojoto in Idemili South local government area of Anambra State because his wife, Ifechi (surname withheld), who lives at Nnewi always abuse, starve and maltreat her.

“She said she was tired of staying with the Pastor’s wife and begged us to help her locate her mother. Obiageli even threatened to commit suicide if we dare send her back to the pastor’s family. This made us to locate the Sabbath Church during which the pastor confirmed that they have being looking for Obiageli and that his wife was actually maltreating her.

“We urged them to contact Obiageli’s mother. They did contact her, and she came with her elder brother. It was then we learnt that Oby’s mother is Ifechi’s elder sister. We handed over Obiageli to Andeline and her elder brother and they left to their village. This is why we are calling on parents to stop sending their children to anybody even if the helper is their blood brother or sister, pastor or reverend priests”.



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