Sunday, 19 March 2017

Gov. Obiano bans journalists from governor's lodge, commissioners from granting interviews

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By Okechukwu Onuegbu

As the Anambra State gubernatorial election draws nearer, the state governor, Willie Obiano has allegedly directed his security men to restrict journalists from gaining entry into the governor’s lodge.

Obiano, who also reportedly banned his commissioners and aides from granting interview to the press till after the forthcoming 2017 gubernatorial poll, explained that the journalists restricted are mostly working with other media houses rather than the state owned print and broadcast outfit. learnt that the governor issued the instructions to his kitchen cabinet during the state executive council meeting held recently, insisting that they on no account should they release any information to journalists without obtaining permission from Tony Nnacheta, the state commissioner for information and communication strategy.

Our reporter, who visited five of the state ministries to obtain information from the respective commissioners, reported that each told him to first obtain written permission from Tony Nnacheta, who the governor mandated to speak on their behalf.

“I cannot grant you interview until you obtain permission from the Commissioner. He is the only person authorize to speak on our behalf. The governor said he is the man to grant us permission before we can speak with any media man that is not working in the state owned media house. If he approves it, he would minute your letter to me or even give me a phone call. That is what your colleagues are doing. That is latest development from him because of the 2017 gubernatorial poll. It may stop later. So, I am sorry, I can’t grant you interview.

Although both the state Commissioner for Information, Tony Nnacheta, and Governor Obiano’s SA on Politics, Chinedu Obidigwe declined to comment on these allegations in the various text messages been sent to him by our reporter, James Eze, who is one of the governors SSA on Media, however, claimed that only journalists restricted from gaining entry into governor’s lodge were those not yet accredited by his team.

“You cannot go into governor’s lodge if you’re not accredited. You can send me your email so that I can forward you whatever information or pictures you want” Eze told



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