Friday, 24 March 2017

Anambra PRP guber aspirant faults Obiano three year celebration

By Okechukwu Onuegbu

An Anambra State 2017 gubernatorial aspirant, Chief Dr Stephen Obiorah Mbah has lampooned Governor Willie Obiano, who recently marked his third year in office, saying that the administration has nothing worthy of celebration.

According to the Awka born industrialist, both governor Obiano’s much advertised security and agriculture policies were lopsided, incomplete and self serving.

Speaking exclusively to, the Peoples Redemption Party (PRP) governorship hopeful, faults APGA government insistence on zoning the gubernatorial seat to Anambra north, describing it as “Unconstitutional. Besides, APGA is clamouring for it because it has lost focus. It has the interest of Igbos when the founder, Odumegwu Ojukwu, Eze Igbo gburugburu was alive.

“APGA is no longer protecting the Igbos interest. They now encourage shooting and killing of unarmed protesters. They are currently engrossed on propaganda rather than serving the people they are elected to serve. Similarly, PDP that suppose to be our shield is in disarray. They have three camps fighting each order at state level, and two at national level. APC on the other hand, has no interest of Igbo man.

“That is why PRP has come to give Igbos voice. Our party stands on anticorruption and credibility of the contestant. We do not care about zoning. Anambra north could have qualified to go for second tenure if it performed. Unfortunately, their son, Obiano has nothing to show for the three years he has spent on power and still counting.

“I strongly believe that the electorates would vote for me. Anambra central has produced performed governors like Chris Ngige and Peter Obi. I am going there to outperform Peter Obi. No one can say he is coming to outperform Obiano because he has nothing on ground for anyone to leverage on.

“The security he gave us is not complete. PRP will bring complete security. We will attract foreign and local investors, and also reposition our state agricultural sector for optimum food productions and exportation not mere propaganda APGA is known for. We will revolutionalise our education system. We will create energy and health to international standard.

“It is always difficult for Nigerian graduates from the state to gain an admission into any university abroad without being referred to repeat a class. My administration will address that once we takeover. I will also ensure that our health and medical institutions are well equipped because my government cannot permit any of its officials to travel abroad on health related issue” he added.

On how he hoped the party would win the heart of Anambrarians despite being new in the place, Mbah hinted that “We have structure on the ground. Our state, local and ward executives and members are already working. As I am speaking to you now, so many APGA, PDP and APC stalwarts are joining our party.

“Our policies are for the common good of Anambra people and those residents in the state. We will not appoint too many aides to avoid waste of funds as well as to easily checkmate their activities. Again, every individual or firm entrusted with projects must complete it or get it revoked, while those involved in the saga would be probed.

“I will also attract my group of entrepreneurs, National Association of Enterprise Employers to come and empower our people. They will also assist youngsters to imbibe skills for self-sufficient, incorporate their companies, access loans and grants from government and private individuals like Microsoft, Tony Elumelu, federal government, etc. But we shall monitor them to ensuring that they adequately utilise the funds for purposes they are meant for.

“More so, our government shall patronize made-in-Nigeria or locally made goods and services to discourage importations and encourage local investors like Innoson, and others to thrive. On that note, I shall insist that none of my official, public servants and others would drive any vehicle not produced by Innoson Plc.”

He holds Doctorate Degree on Pharmacy and Masters on Business Administration from University of Texas in Houston, and National Certificate on Education (NCE) from Anambra State College of Education (now Nwafor Orizu College of Education).

Mbah is also member, PRP Board of Trustees (BoT), an estate manager, Chairman/founder, Simpo-tec Pharmaceutical, Awka; Spring-tec Table Water, Awka; Nodu Pharmacy and Supermarket; Chukwuka Concrete Industries and Developers (an estate firm); Eatwell Agro Industeries Ltd; and others.

This is his first time of taking a short on the Anambra State government politics.  



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