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Juju scares Governor Obiano, his predecessors from occupying Govt. House

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By Okechukwu Onuegbu

In Anambra State, the curious question always on the lips of inquisitive observers is why the incumbent state governor, Willie Obiano, abandoned the official governor's office located along the busy Enugu-Onitsha highway to the governor’s lodge.

Observers believed that this practice started by the former governor Chinwoke Mbadinuju, who had towards the twilight of his administration, chose to be operating from his official residence.

According to our sources, “His reason for vacating the office as at then was because intruders described as monkeys, invaded Mbadinuju’s office and helped themselves with the executive refreshment packs stacked in the cupboards and drawers. Also, few months later, a fetish consignment was found posted in the water channel through which water penetrates the governor's lodge complex.

“Though many do not know this, it was part of reason the walls surrounding the Lodge was duplicated till date. Mbadinuju even called for regular clearing of the surrounding grounds near the walls of the Lodge. Ngige era which was bedeviled by in-fighting, subterfuge and political chicanery experienced explosions in some of the buildings. He ordered for a second parallel wall to be constructed round the entire complex in addition to getting the whole place clean till date”.

Chris Nwabueze Ngige, who reversed back the decision and re-occupied the governor’s office on assumption of office until the July 10,2003 abduction saga, deserted the place after his abduction which was followed by destruction and burning down of strategic public buildings and facilities, including the governor's office.

Ngige operated from the Governor's Lodge for nearly three years he was in office, and his successor, Peter Obi, who took over the reins of power on March 17, 2006, sustained the tempo but later occupied government house after renovating and reconstructing the burnt office complex.

However, after his re-election on February 6, 2010, it was debatable if he ever stepped into the office complex once till he handed over to Obiano on March 17, 2014. Obiano, upon his arrival, remained a visitor to the governor's office complex, which inside sources alleged that he comes only to hold meetings or receive visitors who he chose not to receive in the Lodge there.

But speaking to, a renowned psychic, who has deep relationship with the military due to her impeccable powers, Flora Ilonzo of the Centre for Psychic and Healing Administration (CPHA), alleged that abandonment of government house was as a result of powerful charms and fetish materials planted lavishly within the governor's office complex.

Ilonzo, who even named the alleged culprits, enumerated the locations and objects within the office of the executive governor where the unsightly objects were carefully and expertly tucked in to include, “the flag poles, flower pots, flower vases and inside the coat of arms that was placed directly above the head of the governor whenever he sits on his executive table!”

According to her, “eight years after the creation of the state, there was no progress or even direction until some northerners directed them to me. That was during the regime of Col Rufai Garba. I got there and pointed out that the new state was spiritually turned upside down. That except those high potent charms I saw spiritually were evacuated, the state would remain on its knees.

“I urged the governor to stand up that there was one under his seat, in the flower ports, flower vase, the small flag pole on his desk and the coat of arms above his head. As these places were checked, they confirmed that what I was saying was correct. We also discovered that there was a major one buried under the ‘ebenebe’ tree in the premises. The tree was summarily cut down. Everyone was left speechless”. 

She went ahead to name key protocol chiefs and officers, including some who are late, retired and those still in active service today who witnessed and participated in the evacuation of the materials.

“After the clearing of the ones in the locations and points I named, I was asked to tell them if there are others remaining anywhere. I replied, yes, that the major one was planted in the Principal Secretary's (PS) office (name withheld). We went there and they saw an identical flower pot to the one in the governor's office. He was also the person solely responsible for the opening and closing of the governor's office. No one opens or closes the military governor's office other than him. If any office cleaner comes to clean and arrange the office, he would be there live with her. He was the one to direct and point where should be cleaned or not, while he does the rest personally. 

“Before we set out from my house earlier, I had narrated to them all that were revealed to me in the spirit, including that they would find a four sided small container of some liquid in the desk of the PS. I told them whenever the governor makes any commitment anywhere and the people, group, or community concerned fails to come up with his demands, he would then sprinkle the liquid content of that container on the governor's desk the next morning followed by some declarations to his wishes. That would seal the fate of that executive commitment permanently.

“So, from the governor's office, the protocol staff led by a very popular now retired Permanent Secretary-protocol, chief, Uche Udedibia, went into the office of the PS, saw and evacuated all the charms. They checked under his seat and saw, as I revealed to them, a pile of official files that the PS had carefully bound and taped under his seat. They collected all and moved them immediately to the governor's office. This happened on a Wednesday and as the PS was summarily removed, the following day, Thursday, one Mr. Obi was appointed to replace him, while their staff used the next day, Friday to wash, clean and cleanse the whole office which the discoveries had made to look like a first class shrine from hell.

“One lady was deeply involved. Her cliques were propositioning her to head the protocol. But because of many touchy issues I revealed to them that were connected to the state's share of lands, properties and buildings from the old Anambra state, these group conspired again and set the whole office ablaze. They had plotted to there the documents relating to my property here. Unknown to them, the governor was specifically briefed about me from the military headquarters before coming down from Abuja to assume duties. And on resumption, he requested for my files and took same home for close study.

“On realizing that they didn't succeed in burning my land documents in the governor's office, they set the ministry of lands ablaze. All these were apparently to destroy my records. This disclosure was made to the incumbent governor, Willie Obiano on my not-so-savoury chance encounter with him. After hearing the details, he relocated to the lodge, and has not come back to the office except on few occasions”.

However, all attempt made to hear from the state Commissioner for Information and Communication Strategy, Ogbuefi Tony Nnachetta was in futility as he was not seen in his office three times our reporter checked on him. Also, calls put across him were neither responded to nor returned.

In the same vein, Governor Obiano’s SSA on Media, James Eze; and SSA on Social Media, Ifeanyi Aniagor did not respond to our reporter’s phone calls to comment in support or against.



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