Friday, 24 February 2017

Drama as landlord drives tenants home after winning them in court judgment

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By Okechukwu Onuegbu

A mild drama played out recently at the premises of Anambra State Customary Court sitting at Amawbia, Awka South Local Government Area as landlord drove home his tenants, a Surveyor and Laundry man shortly after winning a court case against them.

The landlord identified as Mekam through his attorney, S.O had filed a case against the defendants and tenants over their non-payment of arrears of one hundred and ninety one thousand naira, and one hundred and sixty-six thousand naira plus, accruing from their respective annual flat rent of N250,000.

The President of the court, J.N Mbachu, while delivering the two separate judgments, asked the debtors to remit their payments in four and three times part payments, as well as to pay the court charge of N5, 000 for bringing the matter to court.

But speaking to the court earlier, one of the defendants, Onyebuchi Austin, who claimed to be a laundry man, argued that he is not financially buoyant to make the payment except if allowed to remit them in N10, 000 per month.

Interjecting, the lead attorney, S.O Obum told the court that the tenant was wicked because according to him, he is a wealthy car dealer and laundry man, and recently financed his father’s burial while refusing to pay him the debt which he owe for long.

When barrister Obum’s response threw the court to laughter, he further buttressed that; “Where will he sleep now he has returned from burying his late father? My lord, I know this guy too well. He is my friend; a car dealer whose business is flourishing but wickedness wouldn’t allow him to clear his arrears of house rent.”

As a result, the court president asked the defendant to comment but he replied that his car business has been close down even as his wife is currently nursing a baby.

In another judgment, the other defendant, Ikechukwu Mark, while responding to the attorney’s claim that he is a surveyor said; “I am not a surveyor but a surveyor assistant. I am liable to the payment but I can’t afford to pay the court charge of N5,000 because I am financially handicapped”.

Arguing that his friend is a surveyor and not an assistant, S.O insisted, “How can an assistant surveyor live in a well furnished flat of N250, 000 per annum? He also owns a costly vehicle. He can finish this payment in a day if he wants to pay me.”

However, after delivering the judgment, the two tenants swiftly rushed into the attorney’s vehicle and they drove out laughing, even as those in the court burst into laugh, with some lawyers said that they were away when the attorney bought his vehicle from the man claiming to be a laundry man.



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