Saturday, 7 January 2017

Why Anambra Rice was costly during the festive season?

By Okechukwu Onuegbu

Following the high cost of Anambra rice, a brand of local rice been produced by Anambra State, during the festive season, the State Fadama III Additional Financing (AF) Project Coordinator, Egbue Chukwuka Patrick, has appealed to the general public to remain calm as it was due to astronomical rise in prices of agricultural inputs such as fertilizer, transportation, gas, and other processing costs.

Egbue, who had assured prior to Christmas and New Year seasons that the state owned rice, would be cheapest in the market, maintained that they experienced bumper harvest, but the embargo being placed on importation of foreign rice also affected the price of Anambra rice as people from all over the country were demanding for the produce at high rate. had in a market survey during the festive season discovered that Anambra rice whose selling price was previously N17, 500 per 50 kg bag rose to N20, 000 or more; from N8, 500 to N10, 500 and more per 25kg bag by distributors.

“There was increase in demands as people discovered that our rice is too nutritious. Also, the pressure of Christmas which increased the cost of everything affected the farmers, processors, marketers, among other persons in the value chain. You should remember that the cost of gas, transportation and fertilizer use for this tripled.

“We also discovered the influx of people and governments from other part of the country to Ayamelum. They were not coming to buy Anambra rice alone. They were busy buying and rebranding the rice with their state labeled bags. This affected us also.

“Again, some processors stopped processing either because of the high cost of production or in order to join their kits and kin’s for the celebrations. But I am assuring you that these things would soon be stabilise because lots of them are back and ever ready to resume work since the festive season is over. Anambra rice is Governor Obiano’s gift to ndi Anambra, and he is committed to making it affordable to both the rich and poor,” he said. 



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