Thursday, 19 January 2017

Jubilation as 8 year-old mentally derailed woman assumed dead rejoins family

By Okechukwu Onuegbu  

R-L; Onowu Ebenebe, Ilonzo and Igwe Onuh
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Onyebuchi and Ilonzo after she was healed

Ilonzo while presenting Kola to the Igwe

While receiving a cheerful welcome from the Igwe 

Igwe Onuh praying for Ilonzo

The entourage leaving Igwe Ik Oke palace 

Entrance gate into  Johnson Urama's home, where Onyebuchi was living with her before she became sick

Johnson's kitchen

Johnson's house

Johnson's family and Onyebuchi's marriage mates jubilation

Johnson's family in jubilation

R-L, Onyebuchi's first child, Monday; Ilonzo; third and last child, Ugochukwu (second child, Chinasa has gone to school when our team arrived); and Onowu Ebenebe

Jacinta, Onyebuchi's youngest sister 

The date, January 17, 2017 is hard to be forgotten in the family of Ugwuoke in Itchi-Agu, Igboeze South local government area of Enugu State been the day they discovered that their eldest daughter, Onyebuchi Urama (nee Ugwuoke), who they assumed to have died about eight years ago, and as a result, conducted her funeral rite, is still alive.
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Ilonzo barbing the woman's head

Who is Onyebuchi?
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Onyebuchi is first daughter of Mr. Albert and Mrs Florence Ugwuoke, relatives of His

Royal Highness Igwe Ik Oke, Ikeoha I of Itchi-Agu ancient kingdom. Her eldest brother is Ekene, while her younger siblings are Jacinta, and others. She was born in the Southwestern part of the country before her parents moved down to their country-home during which she got married at age of sixteen to Johnson Urama of Enugu-Ezike. The marriage was blessed with two males and a female namely; Monday, Chinasa, and Ugochukwu.

Why Onyebuchi was termed dead?

According to an investigation, the unfortunate incident that led Ugwuoke family, Itchi-Agu and Enugu-Ezike to conclude that their daughter and wife, Onyebuchi has died, occurred about eight years ago when she was still nursing her last child, Ugochukwu.  The business woman, who was trading at the popular Obollo-afor market, suddenly lost her memory after having misunderstanding with her husband.
Like every other mad persons, the mother of three children went stark naked, wandering aimlessly from one state to another; bush to debris, open to close places where she might have dragged food and drinks with flies and rodents, fed on her faeces and urine, and passed out night under the supervision of mosquitoes and other blood suckers.  

How she regained her senses

It was this period of roving about that Onyebuchi came to Awka, the capital of Anambra state, where many believed she might have lived for years. Then, on 30th July, 2016, attention of a veteran radio broadcaster, Isaac Nwosu (best known as Aiza Nwosu) was called to a particular scene where some members of a Pentecostal church (name withheld by us) had beaten a mad pregnant woman to a coma.

The mad woman later discovered to be Onyebuchi was accused of littering the church premises with her faeces and urine. It was probably when they could not condone her abnormal lifestyle that they descended on her with whips of different sizes. And on discovering that she had sustained injuries from the beaten, the angry mob dumped her at ring road junction, along old Enugu/Onitsha road Amenyi-Awka. She was covered with her wrapper while she lay there in the pools of her blood. The unpleasant odour emanating from her body, and some flies hovering around her drew drivers, motorcycle riders and others to the scene of horror. It was one of the onlookers, who contacted Aiza Nwosu, who contacted Chief Dr. Mrs Flora Nkemakolam Ilonzo, the Chief-Executive-Officer/founder, Centre for Psychic and Healing Administration (CHPA—Nigeria).

Why Ilonzo was contacted?

Ilonzo, a herbalist and mystic of international repute, who inherited her prowess from her grandparents and great grandparents from both her father and mothers side, had in the past healed mad people like Onyebuchi. One of them was Chinedu Onuoha, a young man who had being mad for 17 years.  Onuoha, who hails from Ezimoha, Isiala Mbano Imo State, was suffering of pile when Ilonzo picked him from where he was roaming Aroma Junction and Government House, Awka axis, along the Enugu-Onitsha expressway. His healing was celebrated worldwide. Ilonzo had equally healed other persons suffering of different ailments as well as saved the life of President Mhummadu Buhari in a failed coup d’état which would have ended his life as military head of state.   

How Ilonzo became Onyebuchi’s saviour

On hearing of the pregnant mad woman’s fate, Ilonzo and her workers hastened to the place, picked her and returned to her conservative and healing centre behind Government House, Awka. She then bathed the mad woman, fed her and took her to some missionary hospitals for laboratory test, scanning and other medical attention with a view to ascertaining her health challenges.
 Fortunately to her, Ilonzo’s benevolent, the priest and reverend sisters on her entourage, prompted the missionary to provide the services to the woman on pro bono. At the process, it was discovered that the mad woman was four months old pregnant of twins (two male children).
However, the mad woman could neither mention her name nor town’s of origin. All she was able to tell her Good Nigerians was that her name is “Chukwu” (God) from “Nazareth.” Notwithstanding, the founder of CPHA accommodated her in one of her well furnished ‘executive wards’, hired a special staff to be caring for her till she gets well. The staff was taken on N15, 000 salary scale.

After some months, ‘Chukwu’ lost her pregnancy while still distressed over some injury she sustained from the angry church members that drove her away with whips. The sickness became terrible that she could neither stand nor work. Also, to eat or bathe became a difficult task to her as she littered her ward with urine and faeces, causing an unpleasant ordour.

Florence Ugwuoke, the mad lady's mother

As a result, the staff employed to take care of “Chukwu” resigned, saying that she could not cope bathing and feeding the mad woman due to what she was then passing through. Ilonzo equally employed other staff to that effect, who also scampered away.

The latest development prompted Anyafulugo Enugwu-Ukwu n’Umunri into seeking for advice from people she so much respected on what else to do to prevent the woman from dying on her hand. This was because of the calamity and ‘bad name’ the unfortunate incident could bring on her. She even planned to take the woman to Enugu television or radio stations from where she hoped to locate her family as her Igbo language dialect suggests that she hails from Enugu state.

Ilonzo told that while reflecting on what action to take to save the mad woman and herself from embarrassment, her grandfather, Akunne Oyido appeared to her in a dream, urging her to administer a local herb, apiti uzo on ‘Chukwu’. She immediately gathered the herb; mixed it with nnu Igbo (local salt) and urged her staff to administer it on the sick woman.

They did as they were told, and fortunately, on waking the following morning, they saw ‘Chukwu’ where she was busy sweeping their kitchen. The mad woman, according to Ilonzo, woke early in the morning, tidy her ward with help of water and light available 24 hours in the compound, bathed, as well as washed plates used in serving her meal the previous day before proceeding to tidy-up the kitchen. However, she still did not respond to their greetings let alone reveal her names.

When Chukwu revealed her true identity

On 31st December, 2017, Ilonzo held her usual end of year prayers and washing of heads with some medicinal herbs. ‘Chukwu’ was among those that partook on the annual ritual which always attracted people from all walks of life all over the world. She was continuously drinking of such kind of herbs till she miraculously regained her memories and senses on the 7th of January, 2017. It was the same day she woke up from sleep, revealing her name, place of birth, parents name, siblings, relatives, children, village and town.

As a result, on January 17, 2017, Ilonzo, accompanied by the traditional prime minister of Ebenebe, Chief Joe Nwegwu, Elias of Opi, and few of her staff such as David Sani, Emeka friday, Abba Okechukwu, Obi Nwanne, left Awka to Enugu in search of Onyebuchi’s family. Their first point of call was at the palace of His Royal Highness, Igwe Silvester Oshaba Onuh, Eze Di Ora Nma 1 of Umuagama Autonomous Community Enugu Ezike, Igbo Eze North L.G.A Enugu.

After listening to Ilonzo’s tale, Igwe Onuh commended her for the kind gesture, urging her to sustain the tempo as God would reward her abundantly. He however, posited that what could be responsible to the woman’s madness could be disobedience to the law of the land.

“It could only happen to married men or women who committed adultery or fornication. Our land forbids married women from sleeping with any man other than their husbands. It is also applicable to the married men. Once you go contrary to that custom, it will strike you dead immediately or instant madness. If you like commit the act at London, Lagos or so. Once you step your feet on this land, you will become mad, and no doctor could heal you till death.

“So, I am surprised that you were able to save her. Some of them die while wandering about. I will advise you tell the relative to find ways of appealing to Itchi (the gods of the land) responsible for that because without doing that, she will surely become mad once she steps on this land. But the problem is that our custom also forbade husbands from sponsoring such cleansing for their husband, and vise versa. In fact, any husband or wife who sponsors her erring spouse for the cleansing will die immediately. It is only the person’s parents and relative that are qualified to do that,” he said.

The monarch after giving Ilonzo and her entourage a cheerful welcome, instructed his brother, a motorcyclist to lead the team to their destination having discovered that Onyebuchi comes from a neighbouring town. And they were successfully led from the Community through Isiagu-Abagwu Igboeze south, before heading to the main place, Ugwuoke family at Itchi-Agua.

Speaking to, Florence Ugwuoke, the excited mother of Onyebuchi, recalled that her husband was alive when the incident occurred but died a year and six months ago. She revealed that they were tempted to conduct her burial rite about four years ago having searched for her far and beyond in futility.

Also speaking, other relative of the family including Jacinta, the lady’s younger sister, Moses Oke, the monarch’s elder brother who stood in for him as he was absent during the visit to the palace, and others shedding tears of joy on hearing that their long forgotten relative is very much alive and healthy. They promised to come and carry her home with a pump and pageantry.
Journey to Onyebuchi’s husband home

Ilonzo and her entourage did not stop at Onyebuchi’s home. They further went to her husband’s home at Enugu-Ezike during which they met with her children, married mates, friends and family with exception of Johnson who had gone for his mason work before they arrived.  The jubilant people said they could not wait to welcome her home.

Expressing her happiness over the development, Ilonzo said, “It touched my heart when I showed Onyebuchi’s children her picture but they said they don't know her because they were still little when she took ill. The community was so happy today for seen their own that had been mad for 8 years. She was last seen after she gave birth to her last child. They thought she had died.

“People should help me thank God and also come to CPHA Nigeria and help us in catering for these kinds of persons. There are so many others like her that need to be catered for. People should come and help or contribute in any way they can even to rehabilitate this kind of persons. I am calling for intervention of the Red Cross society, State and Federal governments, private and corporate individuals to come and help in doing this God work.

“I have mental herbal homes, wards and others where such persons could be treated for free through the agreement of their respective parents, family or guardians. I don’t collect kobo in doing this type of humanitarian jobs. My centre has all manner of herbals to treat people of all kinds of diseases, including quick recovery of memory. I can’t do this alone because I am getting older, and old age may not allow me to attend to them very well. Therefore, I want to make it clear today that I can’t pick mad people on the ways again. People should bring their mad people to us, we shall be ready to heal her if their relatives would be ready to provide for them food and physical help. God almighty will guard and bless you in Jesus name Amen”.



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