Tuesday, 20 December 2016


By Okechukwu Onuegbu

Richard Inya
How is Python dancing in the Rice Mill?
Okolo, Edwin Chinonso Princewill
How is Python dancing on the Hill?
Dr Nduagu, Chinedu Stanley
How is Python dancing at Enyimba?
Akubiro Henry
How is Python dancing at the Rescue Mission?
Every ink is sleepless on empty papers.

The Python is dancing in my womb
My loin is under siege
Its katakata has stolen my siesta
Our ballot eaters zipped mouths
Only a foolish hand does not
Untie its rope-fastened doe while in labour.
On the bridge connecting orient tributaries

At NAFDAC Lipstick Development Centre
Across the 2012 corpses bred River
The Python cordons my deathtrap road
Hissing, coiling and straightening
Re-pocketing the tyres notes
Questionnaires, it always command
To jump like nwa-awo (a toad)
A minute journey is now hours
Some underwear, it licks by the road side
Kitchen and other rooms
Its matches and booths are sucking my blood!

The dancing Python
Why beleaguered my womb?
Have you come to ingest the weaponless bird building its nest?
Don’t you know it could stay in its room
And contain movements of the air, rivers, sun and hairs?
Have you come to frighten nonexistence mice?
Have you come to train yourself for unknown wars ahead?
If yes, who is currently inhibiting your camps?
Why are you not behaving like our forefathers
Eke ngene or Eke Idemili
Which in my placenta, Umuaba-Nri
Like our progenitor, Agukwu-Nri
And Things Fall Apart head, Idemili
Share pot and mattress with house owners?

God, come and shield my intestines
The Python has come to dance
I allowed it to dance
My sweat and blood, mustn’t also dance



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