Thursday, 15 December 2016

Government Responsible for retrenchment of workers, collapse industries

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By Okechukwu Onuegbu

The Chairman, Hardis & Dromedas manufacturing company, Chike Obidigbo has blamed the government at all level for dwindling economy, retrenching of workers, and collapse industries, and called on them to review their policies towards manufacturers.

According to Obidigbo, many industries had voluntarily closed down while numerous others send their workers packing, and hike the prices of their products as a result of bad government policies stemming from heavy and multiple taxation, scarcity and high cost of raw materials use for productions.

The Chieftain of All Progressive Congress (APC) and former Anambra State gubernatorial aspirant, who stated this while interacting with the 2016 Press Week Committee of Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) Anambra State Council who were on a facility tour of his firms at Umunya, Oyi Local Government Area of Anambra State, added that the best way to exterminate poverty and unemployment or to industrialized the country was for government to encourage industrialists through all-inclusive policy formulation and implementation, and patronage on made in Nigerian goods.

The beneficiary of federal and commonwealth scholarships at higher institution level said, “The way forward is for government to partner with us and other individuals with comprehensive knowledge of project ideation, project implementation, project monitoring and evaluation, project development cum funding, enhancement of international marketing mix, as well as comprehensive technical and managerial skills.

“If not, how else do they expect us to come out of recession or create job while they don’t understand us, never intended to understand us and will never understand us? We need the government that would liaise with the industrialists or manufacturers not these ones that kill our industries. All their interest is to take from us and not to give to us back. Their policies, agencies, and even the Bank of Industry which ought to support us with loans and so on are doing otherwise.

“If things continue this way, more industries would fold; more workers would become jobless, while the cost of goods shall remain at exorbitant prices. Of course they can’t expect much produce or wealth creation while encouraging importation or discouraging producers through obnoxious policies, scarcity or hike in cost of raw materials and so on. We must be included on policy formulation, implementation and monitoring where and when concerned.

“My company has over the years cycled and recycled over twelve thousand persons with various qualifications and skills. Hardis and Dromedas is a Nigerian manufacturing company which for the past 25 years, carefully researched, developed and launched into the African markets several fine products like the famous very effective Isol Germicide, today’s replica of the former Izal germicide, and is known to be stronger than any other disinfectant. My interest is on massive job creation, social engineering, state craft and general well being of the people. This is also the tap root of my desire to join politics and to seek public office.”

While also blaming the government for increase on quackery and fake products, he urged the authorities concerned to live up to their expectations rather than paying lips service, because according to him, they know the culprits but may hardly contained them as most of them and other strong institutions benefits from the corrupt practices.

He, however, noted that although recession and government obnoxious policies were affecting, his myriads of industries were still sustaining their staff, even as present of new ingredients and research have enabled them to produce durable, portable and affordable products which were currently making wave in the markets.

Joy Mbachi, leader of the team and Chairman, NUJ 2016 Press Week Committee, while responding on behalf of the union, assured the company of unbiased coverage of its activities, because according to her, they were able to deduce from the tour that they were keeping to their words in producing quality products, wealth creation and engagement of the populace into workforce.

Highlights of the visit was all round tour through the departments were Hardis & Dromedas LTD produce and package their produce such as Isol germicide, Royallux (an antiseptic cleansing astringent), Divitol antiseptic disinfectant, Akacha range of natural black soap and heat balm, secret oil, protect range of hygiene products, glycerine oil, fumigation compounds, ekko rosewater, Sandblack, Hadromed methylated spirit, Proteck, all types of straws, among others.     



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