Monday, 7 November 2016

Wife asks Court to Divorce 14 Years Old Marriage for receiving beating from Husband

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A 31-year-old merchant, Oluwatoyin Ibikunle, on Monday begged an Agege Customary Court in Lagos to break up her 14-year-old marriage over steady beating by her significant other. Oluwatoyin, an indigene of Osun and a mother of four who dwells at Fagba, a Lagos suburb, said her significant other Okiki Ibikunle was flighty.

"My significant other is unreliable; he has transformed me into a punching sack, I am no longer intrigued by the marriage. "He continues debilitating my life, humiliating and bugging me. "He is so damaging, continually raining condemnations on me and blaming me for having unlawful illicit relationships with various men. "He made the police to capture me and l dozed in the cell for two days before l was discharged," she said.

The applicant said her better half was not taking legitimate care of her and their four youngsters. Oluwatoyin begged the court to separate them, saying: "I am no longer intrigued by the union; the adoration I have for him has blurred. l additionally need my better half to give me guardianship of the youngsters for good and appropriate childhood".

She exposed all her significant other's claims, saying that there were manufactured stories. She told the court that she moved out of their marital home because of consistent beating and now and again with wounds.

Ibikunle, a 44-year-old driver from Oyo State, denied the assertions and portrayed his better half as wayward. "My significant other is not compliant and she is wayward; she is not a decent spouse. "She appreciates doing things l don't care for and she moved out of our home two years back.

The respondent said that his significant other used to be straightforward, devoted and clear, yet all of a sudden changed after he lost his occupation and she began keeping terrible companions. He promote charged that the solicitor began keeping late evenings and got weird calls late around evening time.

"I couldn't talk much since l was not working and couldn't accommodate the house monetarily. The respondent blamed the spouse for disloyalty having gotten her on a few events with various men at various inns.

"On a few events my significant other lied that she was going for gatherings and left the house for a considerable length of time. "There was a period she went for a gathering and did not return asserting she rested over at her sister's home which l later found were all falsehoods".

He said that he stood up to her on a specific day when he saw her with one of her male companions. "She instructed me to my face not to aggravate her that the man has been of tremendous help to her".

The respondent told the court that he attempted endeavors to determine the issues between them two which were pointless.

"I later understood her family were supporting her since she credits her dad and relative records with cash she gets from her male companions".

He likewise said his significant other did not think about the welfare of the kids as all she was great at was her business and association with men. Amid intercession the youngsters did not need their folks to live independently.

The Court's President, Mr Philip Williams, then rebuked the repelled couple and let them know that they didn't love their kids. "On the off chance that care is not taken, you will demolish the life of these youngsters and swing them to societal irritation,'' he said. The case was deferred to Dec. 1 for judgment.



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