Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Why One Nigeria is too dangerous?

By Freddie I. Ude .
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The Igbos control the number of children they bring into the world and provides for them. In the north nothing like birth control, they don't believe in it, they give birth and throw into the street to constitute nuisance, at the end these irritations will elect the likes of buhari to destroy all you have toiled for.
They have made Nigerian population uncontrollable and have successfully dragged every other Nigerian into their mess. Now your kids are being stretched to work tirelessly to feed the population mess from the north.
Here is the danger, there is no program in place to control or cater for the over populated Nigeria. In few years to come Nigerian population will explode and consume all. The north is like somebody who enjoys mudwater, trying to take him out means staying with him in the mudwater because he is no ready to get out.
If the Igbo do no get out of Nigeria they will definitely sink with Nigeria and be the worst hit because others have already embraced failure as way of life. You can't solve a problem that has no solution. Nigeria is a problem without solution, the best way to solve it is to get out.
Support the Igbo Nation to give hope to your children and generations to come. There is no hope staying in Nigeria, the more you hope for the better, the worse it become.



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