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Obi, Obiano face-off: When will the barking dogs sleep?

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THE go head to head between Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra State and his ancestor, Mr. Peter Obi is getting messier, with their associates going hard and fast to exceed each other in the media, hence polarizing the Anambra political territory.

In the most recent few days, there have been dangers and counter-dangers by the two camps making numerous onlookers to ponder what went out of order after the smooth move from Obi to Obiano, the first run through such hand-over was ever seen in the state.

Issues that had been on the front burner since Obi gave over control of power to Obiano incorporate the real measure of cash left for the senator, the flyover scaffolds being worked by the present government, which a few people in Obi's camp frequently portray as misuse of assets, Obi's consistent perceivability in the state and Obiano's own way of life, among different issues.

As if every camp is continually figuring out how to hit the other, the most recent fight began a week ago amid the fifth Zik address sorted out by the Faculty of Social Sciences of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka in which the previous VP of Kenya, Mr. Raila Odinga and previous Nigerian Vice President, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar were visitor instructors.

Ex Governor Peter obi was available at the Zik address arrangement and made a discourse on interest in training that held the group of onlookers hypnotized. An individual from Governor Obiano's media group, Mr. Ifeanyi Anago, had in an announcement blamed Obi's media associate, Mr. Valentine Obienyem, of taking photos of a private stream that conveyed Atiku and Odinga to Enugu and asserting that the fly was contracted by Obiano in time of subsidence.

Anago said the fact of the matter was that Obiano boarded Arik Air and not the private fly, depicting the assertion of his supervisor utilizing a private stream as an endeavor to coerce the representative. He said promote that when they found that the assertion of the private fly did not accomplish its goal, Obi's camp started another story that the senator purposely declined to go to the Zik address, which they portrayed as a slight on the identity of the late Zik of Africa.

Anago, who is the senior unique aide to Governor Obiano via web-based networking media, said separated from giving all the important support and guaranteeing that meeting speakers and members at the address were protected and all around provided food for, Obiano sent his delegate, Dr. Nkem Okeke, who spoke to him well at the address.

He reviewed that Governor Obiano actually went to the fourth address that had previous Governor Adams Oshiomhole and Ethan Musolini from Uganda as visitor instructors and asked why it turned into an offense for a senator to detail his delegate to speak to him at the address when he was going to the National Economic Council meeting in Abuja that day.

Anago said: "We are becoming weary of all these wickedness and dissents. You insult a senator through your e-hooligans and rapidly hurried to the media to yell that the representative is after you. In the event that the legislature is after blackmailers, why are you apprehensive in the event that you are not a blackmailer? The liable is constantly anxious and the interminable lie-teller is dependably the first to cry and swear. Another media associate to Obiano, Mr. Oliver Okpala, was accounted for to have undermined to manage Obi and a previous Secretary to the State Government, Mr. Oseloka Obaze, over their charged remarks on Obiano.

Okpala was additionally cited as saying that hereafter, any further outlandish assault on the representative would be met with an exceptionally intense reaction. He said: "Let it be noticed that we have done our examinations, and we realize that those supporting these unwarranted assaults against the representative incorporate the individuals who have tasted control some time recently, either as senator or secretary to the state government.

 "We have their records, to the minutest of subtle elements, and we won't falter to unleash a higher level of assault on their people with unquestionable confirmations in our ownership so that the world would know the messy stuff they are made of." Reading one of the postings of Obiano's men in the web-based social networking, Mr. Valentine Obienyem, the media helper to previous Governor Obi said he was stunned that individuals who work for the state could state such unpalatable things against somebody who made it feasible for them to be the place they are.

He didn't go advance. Maybe the stress of Obiano's men is the steady perceivability of Obi in the state, particularly at social and political occasions. Due to his better than expected execution as representative, he is still cherished by the general population who hail and sing his commendations at whatever point he is located at a capacity.

2017 re-decision And with the 2017 governorship race moving close to, the dread of Obiano's camp is that Obi's impact may obstruct the senator's re-race. Like he was doing when he was the senator, Obi is as yet making gifts to schools and doctor's facilities to empower them update their foundation, an activity a few spectators claim was whittling down the fame of the representative.

To those, who hold this view, it would be better that Obi turns out to be less noticeable in the state, since, as indicated by them, he has had his time and ought to leave the general population field for the individual in control. Yet, at an open capacity, end of the week, at Oraifite in Ekwusigo nearby government range, Obi demanded that Obiano has no legitimate ideal to banish him from going to the state or airing his conclusion about the state.

Authoritarian culture Obi said it would be sad if Anambra worsened into a tyrannical society under a majority rule government, demanding, nonetheless, that he would keep on upholding the principles of vote based system and conventionality. He said: "Such a request (for me to be less noticeable) will add up to requesting that I go on outcast. I have a house in Onitsha and I live there. I served Anambra State for a long time.

As the senator, I continued saying I would live in the state for whatever remains of my life to empower me share the delight and misery of the general population. Why might some individual say I ought not go to occasions in the state? "Why might some person ask for that I ought to quit saying what I did as the Governor of Anambra State, when individuals are as yet discussing the great deeds of any semblance of Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe and Chief M.I. Okpara?

"The greater part of the things I said are not for self-applause, but rather to utilize my experience to show to our kin that we can do certain things we believed are unthinkable. An illustration was that I returned schools to the congregation and furnished them with more than 30,000 PCs, generators and web availability.

"The truth of the matter is that under our administration, we cleared unpaid debts of benefits of over N35bn, paid for every one of the authentications created by contractual workers without acquiring a kobo, yet rather left cash, including dollars for the state."

In the interim, the face –off amongst Obiano and Obi is taking a hazardous measurement, with the association of their particular towns taking sides for their individual children. While Agulu in Anaocha nearby government region is shielding their child, Obi, Aguleri individuals in Anambra East neighborhood government are constantly avid to remain by their child, Governor Obiano.

For example, Obi's family, under the aegis of Agulu Leaders of Thought, at the end of the week, engaged Obiano, to quit debilitating their child, advising him that it was Obi that without any help made him a representative. An announcement marked by the secretary of the gathering, Mr. Joachim Emegwamuo, read to some extent: "When the news of the risk to the life of our child, Mr. Diminish Obi, began circling, we disregarded it as one of those bits of gossip until Chief Joe-Martins Uzodike made it clear amid a radio program. "We know that it was Obi who without any assistance made Obiano senator and we are additionally mindful of a few insults Obi is enduring under the representative, running from absence of regard to proceeded and mystifying witch-chase.

"Obiano has purposely permitted his helpers to mishandle Obi to the point of straightforwardly denying the over N75bn gave to him. Obiano has surrendered the tasks began by Obi whereupon he was chosen, in this way depicting Obi as a questionable pioneer among the Anambra individuals. On the off chance that anything happens to Mr. Diminish Obi or any of his helpers, Obiano ought to be considered capable."

What is occurring between the two means that the general population grasp between them at the occurrence of the Catholic Archbishop of Onitsha, Most Rev Valerian Okeke amid the internment recently Rev Fr Tagbo, the Principal of Christ the King College, CKC, Onitsha did not really sink. The question is, when will this quarrel end?



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