Sunday, 20 November 2016

Man Sues In-law to court for divorce after his daughter is rejected for not having a male child

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By Okechukwu Onuegbu

Reuben Onyali, a civil servant and indigene of Mbaukwu, Awka South Local Government Area of Anambra State has asked a customary court sitting at Amawbia, the headquarters of Awka South Local Government Area to dissolve the one year old marriage between his daughter Nwachukwu Vivian (Onyali)and one Mr Nwahukwu, a Lagos based businessman.

Onyali, who alleged that his in-law also lost interest on the marriage after hearing that his daughter Vivian gave birth to a girl, added that the man has equally married another woman even when the going was good, without their knowledge.

He alleged that, “Trouble began before my daughter took in. My daughter had discovered that her husband was going out with women, and pleaded with him to have a rethink. But instead of putting a stop to his unfaithfulness, my so-called in-law took to battering and starving my daughter almost every day.

“On hearing this, I travelled from Anambra to Lagos to broker peace with them. On my arrival, I saw my daughter crying profusely on the floor, having been driven outside their matrimonial room by her husband. I, their landlord and neighbours pleaded for them to reconcile their differences. But barely a week I left Lagos, I got another report that the man resumed his usual lifestyle.

“Worst of it all was when my daughter became pregnant. He neglected her; always beat and drive her out of their matrimonial bed whenever he comes home with another woman. My daughter took to hawking wares for survival until she finally gave birth.

“My so-called in-law on hearing that my daughter gave birth to a female child refused visiting them in the maternity. When he eventually came to the hospital a week later, he scolded his wife, ‘why did you gave birth to a girl when your mates are been delivered of a male child. What will I do with a girl? I don’t need her anywhere’, and absconded. It was some good Nigerians that contributed in paying off her hospital bill.

“I approached my in-laws family, they did not do anything. That was why I brought her home, and for over five months she returned to the village, they have not asked after her. In fact, neither my daughter nor I knew that the man married another woman when they were still living together in peace. It was after I brought her home, we learnt that he had a second wife, who officially packed in as soon as my daughter left. So, I want the marriage dissolved.”

However, as the respondent was not in the court to state his side of the story, the President of the Customary Court, J.N Mbachu (Esq) has adjourned the case to 29 November, 2016.



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