Sunday, 20 November 2016

Knight Predicts Christianity Will Soon Collapse to African Tradition

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By Okechukwu Onuegbu

Following the ongoing contention between the African culture and religion, Elo Amucheazi, a professor of Political Science and pioneer Director General of the National Orientation Agency, has postulated that with time and circumstances, both would cooperate smoothly.

Amucheazi, who is a knight in Anglican church, also pointed out that with advancement in learning and research, and a more balanced scientific interpretation of religion, Christian and Traditional religion would surely incorporate some each other’s practices.

According to him, the success of evangelism and planting of Christianity did not necessarily implied uprooting of traditional institution because a greater part of Igbo culture were not obnoxious or anti-Christian, and as such, some denominations like the Catholics have adapted some. 

Speaking on a topic; Knights, Tradition & Culture during the recent Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) Joint Council of Knights seminar held at Cathedral of St. John Ekwulobia, Amucheazi pointed out that change and knowledge deepens culture.

On Iwaji (the new yam festival), some Christian denominations still see as Ilo Mmo (idolatry) festival, the Professor of Political Science said there was nothing wrong with them,

He identified some major areas of concern to the conservatives as Ozo title taking, traditional festivities, and masquerades, some of which he believed have being upheld by the Catholics, and also attracted attentions of tourists, educational institutions, and so on, and urged other Christian denominations to incorporate them as well to speed up industrialization and urbanization that are on top gear.



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