Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Cojoined Nigerian Twins Separated in US

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Nigerian conjoined twin girls, Miracle and Testimony Ayeni, have been effectively isolated at Le Bonheur Children's Hospital, Memphis, Tennessee, USA.
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The twins joined at the lower half of the body were conceived in Enugu State on the sixteenth November, 2015. Their dad, Samuel Ayeni and mother, Mary, are both from Kogi State, Nigeria.

An announcement made accessible to by the Founder of the Linking Hands Foundation, LHF, Mrs Efe Farinre unveiled that the exceedingly intricate and amazingly dangerous strategy went on for 18 hours early this month.

Farinre in the announcement clarified that the young ladies would require assist surgeries, on the grounds that as indicated by the surgical group captain by Dr. Max Langham, conjoined twins happen once in 200,000 live births, with six percent of those being ischiopagus (joining by lower half of the body).

Talking after the effective partition of the twins, Mr. Samuel Ayeni said; "Without confidence, things wouldn't have worked out. When you offer everything to God and trust, He will give you peace. I have the confidence that He is helping us."

Marvel and Testimony Miracle and Testimony Farinre described that LHF was acquainted with the Ayenis by an amplified companion and after a phone talk with Mr. Ayeni, LHF made a pledge to request budgetary and non-money related support towards the medicinal needs of the twins, as a major aspect of its "Each Child-Counts Initiative."

While additionally offering magnificence to God for the twins' effective detachment, Farinre included that however LHF had gotten an expected citation of $1,000,000 from one of the healing facilities the association had contacted for the benefit of the Ayeni twins, Le Bonheur Children's took up the treatment and surgical division of the twins at no charge. The healing facility has likewise given free settlement to the Ayenis at its FedEx Family House for the span of the twins' treatment.



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