Thursday, 3 November 2016

Anambra Miss Cucumber: Aisha Advocates for Brand Ambassador for Sicklers

Anambra Miss Cucumber also known as Miss Anambra

By Augustus Bill

Irked by the trending online lessbian videos of the former Miss Anambra, Miss Independence and third runnup, who are incidentally used by some companies, media houses and governments as brand ambassadors, Aisha Edward of the Association of Persons Living with Sickle cell disorder has advocated for brand ambassadorship of Pharmaceutical companies they have been patronizing to over the years. 

Edward made this advocacy during her radio program at Unizik FM earlier in the week.
Aisha Edward
Speaking as a commentator during the radio program on Tuesday, The Coordinator of the Association, Aisha Edward advocated for her members to become Brand Ambassadors for the numerous pharmaceutical companies they have been patronizing over the years. She said that their disorder is one that starts from birth and run on till they die, and by that makes them a regular customer to many pharmaceutical companies and it would be only fair if these companies extended their brand ambassadorship to these persons that have become lifelong partners of their products.
The Moral Crusader who was pained by the level of neglect they receive from the companies, said it was so heart wrecking with aches, since members of the Association are potential advertisers and promoters of these drugs they take and can make any thrive or not, as the members are already prone to drugs and often time check out new ones, this she said puts them in the strongest position to state which drug is effective and which is not. According to Her, sickle cell persons are largely becoming real life specimens and experiments for any drug that hits the market, as people constantly meet them to introduce new drugs they claim cure sickle cell, and it is grossly unacceptable that these companies would not see them worthy to be brand Ambassadors but would rather choose so called Beauty Queens that do not only have low moral standards but always puts the image of these brands in high jeopardy and disrepute.
In her swift reaction to the incessant request by Drug marketers and Manufacturers on her member, trying to impose or advise them on drugs that cures sickle cell, Aisha firmly said that Sickle Cell to the best of Scientific knowledge at the moment can only be managed, and all the drugs that have claimed to cure the disorder are only products of fraudsters and fake manufacturers.
However, she advised that manufacturers who feel that her members should patronize any of their Drugs because they are so effective should first seek approval from Dr. Ifeoma Ajuba, a Consultant Hematologist with Nnamdi Azikiwe University,Dr Aneke, Dr. Okocha of Nnamdi Azikiwe Teaching Hospital, and Dr Modebe as they are the medical consultants entrusted with the approval of new drugs for the members of the Association. She said that if these consultants could risk their licenses to approve any drug for the association then that implies that the drugs should be taken seriously. She further advised drug manufacturers to desist from making contact with her or her members proposing that they patronize any drug, as the Association would not take it lightly with the person.
In the course of the 30 minutes radio program anchored by Echo and sponsored by Mr Peter Obi, Aisha hinted that one of the major causes of proliferation of sickle cell is the recurring cases of illicit sex, especially in Anambra State. The moral crusader bemoaned the Rising moral decadence being aided by incessant pageantries in the country, and that the recent video leak of one of the leading pageant Queens in the state gives credence to that facts. She said that these girls go through various dubious and unholy acts just to secure the crown, and could in the process contact several infections that they go about spreading, some of them even get pregnant in the process, and usually do not cater for these babies when they are born. Aisha revealed that a Good number of her Members do not have a known Paternal relationship or contact and this can only happen when these babies are born out of wedlock. She advised both Genders to be very careful in the choices they make as it may mar or make their future.
The radio program “Daring Expose” which sponsorship was attracted on behalf of APLSD by Prof Stella OKunna, the Director UNIZIK FM, comes live every Tuesdayfrom 12:15pm.



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