Thursday, 24 November 2016

Anambra and her Political Tigbue Zogbue

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By Mazi Odera 

The tension is building, the environment charged, the fuse vibrating and the Sky blackened and it was just a political phase in ANAMBRA state.
A SITUATION OF TIGBUE, ZOGBUE unleashed but must be tethered.
We have seen the worst, we witnessed IKEMBA FRONT VS JIM NWOBODOS VANGUARD.
A blood letting that led into the darkest part of the Abyss, but then emechazie gini mee?
Sorry Children, this article is not meant for the uninitiate, but for the initiates.
I pride myself as onye ANAMBRA because it is only in ANAMBRA that we have Political jaw jaw and not political SAW KILL, it must be because we understand the price of blood letting which runs and ruin generation on end.
The only politician that has blood linked to his head is CHINWOKE MBADINUJU and his role, be it by hook or crook or dent of political association, Barr Igwe Barnabas and the wife with an unborn baby were slain.
Since then MBADINUJU has been a political leper and societal leprechaun, nobody wants him to near his campaign, nobody wants him to be seen around his social event, nobody wants to be seen coming or going from his abode, just because he wanted to rewind the hands of clock against the wishes of the voting population of the state.
2017 in ANAMBRA state will give us a correction, we choose not to call it Change for the One we called change simply changed the living to a dose of satanic buffet.
There will be correction ,the leadership will be corrected with a new set of Men with spirit of Restoration, but not even a drop of animal blood will be wasted, talk less of that of a human.
If somebody had whispered to MUSTAPHA of ABACHA FAME that he will phase out at a time.
I am sure he wouldn't have been brutal Gorilla that ruined lives, ends life , and kicked the prick of the gods.
Today he is no longer relevant and Satan built for him a brand new Hell fire, separate from Satan's own.
As we round up the year and about to step into the election year, we should know that the state voters are no longer in tandem with political uniform but in the individual who will deliver.
Team Oderaigbo is still monitoring the candidates, adding , subtracting and balancing the weight and input of every candidate, when we are done we will make bold to CHANT from the roof Top that we have sighted THE MAN OR WOMAN who will carry on the RESTORATION.



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