Monday, 7 November 2016

Aisha Make Case for Good Home Training,Pays Tribute to Ex-Sch. Principal

 By Okechukwu Onuegbu 

Director, Center for Moral Mentorship, Aisha Edward has urged the New Generation parents to strive towards inculcating moral values into their children. Edward, who also enjoined the youths to uphold and lived by what they have learnt from both their Parents and School Authorities everywhere they find themselves, recalled how her Principal, Chief Mrs EU Onwuagha (Adugo 1) of Otolo Nnewi at then, Holy Rosary College Uwani Enugu saved her life from Immorality with a mere Hot Slap. 

She said, “My encounter as a teenager at Holy Rosary College, Uwani Enugu changed my life. I was a boarding student, exceptional and obedient child but very fragile. One day, I was permitted to go home. Without waiting for my parents to take me home as usual, I joined the company of some ill mannered Day students. On our way home, those Girls decided dress improperly by flying out their school uniform shirt. And I joined them in flying mine too.

“Spotting us on the way, my principal, who was coming for evening chapel, parked her car, singled me out, removed my spectacles and gave me a resounding slap for flying my shirt. She did that without considering my health status. I didn’t report her actions to my doctor or parents because I felt ashamed of myself. I wondered what would have happened if I had joined those girls in robbing lips gloss, and other things. The encounter made me became afraid of my shadow and always avoiding her presence throughout my secondary school days. Upon passing out of that college, I joined the military to regain myself esteem and serve my fathers’ land. The discipline changed my life because indeed, bad company or evil communications corrupts the good morals”

 Edward, further recalls her experiences when she visited her erstwhile school principal at her new school at Providence Girls' High School Independent layout Enugu ten years later, Along with her colleagues from 82 Division Dragon, to Pay Tributes and Compliments to the AMAZON of Great Moral values that Made her the Model that She is today. 

She thanked and praised the Management of the Catholic Schools on how they are using missionary schools to impact positively on the society, because according to her, those of them, who were among the alumnus of Catholic missionary schools worldwide, find it difficult to live wayward life. She, therefore, urged the Catholics Educational Institutions to consider bringing down the Hikes in their Tuition fees so as to making it accessible for more pupils and students for better tomorrow.



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