Thursday, 10 November 2016

Aisha calls for a Total Ban on pageantry, extols Gov. Obiano’s wife Café

By Okechukwu Onuegbu

A moral crusader, Aisha Edward of Centre for Moral Mentorship, has called for outright ban on beauty pageantry owing to what she termed its abuse.

Edward, who spoke on Unzik FM radio programme, explained that the resources and energy expended on pageantry should rather be channeled towards humanitarian services.

Also commending the wife of Anambra State Governor, Chief Mrs. Ebelechukwu Obiano on her quick response to her (Aisha’s) open letter, Edward emphasised the needs for institutions and people willing to invest on beauty shows to donate them to Obiano’s wife CAFÉ.

She said, “I want to thank Obiano’s wife for rising up to restoring the dignity and integrity of woman. Her response shows that Café cared about women, moral and so on. Gov Obiano wife was reported to have said that she is liaising with her husband to unravel the case and bring the culprits to book. Osodieme also said that she has sent some emissaries to both parties in the Sex scandal Video Clips, and investigation is on.

“Therefore am appealing all to wait patiently for the investigation to be completed. We should also be weary of our actions and inactions and stop spreading the videos or making reference to the story forthwith. I am calling on our men folks to help us in stopping this. Anambra women, Igbo women, and women world over are never known as such.

“I am also using this opportunity to charge women to rise up to their moral upbringing responsibility. It is High time we trained our children on the way to grow. And I’m also congratulating Her Excellency for feeling the heart beats of the women and being there for them Consequent on her Timely responds to Our Clarion Call was highly commendable from a Role Model like Her, Who has promised to save us from feeling ill over such dehumanizing scandals.”

That was even as she called On Mrs Obiano to see ways of partnering with the churches to get women engaged on Moral Education and Instructions, as she further urged the Government and relevant Authorities to make pageantry domicile on the office of the Federal, State and Local Government Ministries of Women Affairs or Offices of the First Ladies so as to bring sanity into it.

"Government must as a matter of Necessity bring back our Moral Instructions Education back to Our Schools", She Concludes.



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