Saturday, 1 October 2016

The two giants from Anambra

By Valentine Obinyem

As the Governor of Anambra State, Hon. Anayo Nnebe (Speaker at that time) shared with Obi the same vision of how to make Anambra the number 1 state in Nigeria.
As the Speaker, he managed the House and made sure the support for Obi when it came to lifting her to greatness was genuine and complete.
Wherever you see this man, please doff your cap for him. He was unlike those prancing about, mouthing what they did, when in fact they were paid for "ha" they shouted for Anambra State.
Even when Obi and Nnebe have left offices, the friendship has continued. Those that saw Obi as a commodity for trading have all "moved on", to the new co
mmodity, but Nnebe has retained his respect for him, while Obi respects him in return.
Today, two of them met at the burial of Madam Two Sisters. They must have recollected within seconds what they did for the state that made them to almost stifle themselves with their embrace.
I understand the woman was very popular at Nsukka in their days. Everybody said her food was culinary delight much as her benevolence was infectious.



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