Monday, 10 October 2016

Sacked APGA National Chairman, Oye Wants APGA De-registered

Okechukwu Onuegbu
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A desperate effort by a visibly drowning embattled former national chairman of the All Progressives Grand Alliance(APGA), Dr Victor Oye to save his job appear already badly scuttled by his own arrogance, as members of the National Working Committee (NWC) of the party accused him of tacitly working towards de-registration of the party.

Dr Oye who was popularly voted out by the overwhelming number of the 21 members of the NWC recently, has refused to honour any appointment or telephone calls since returning to Awka Saturday afternoon.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with the new acting National Chairman of the party, Ozo Nwabueze Mario Okafor, the NWC members listed a dozen "grievous" constitutional offences committed by Oye in his checkered 16months in the saddle.

They further urged Gov Willie Obiano who had been on a shuttle diplomacy since the crisis blew open, to allow him to his political fate, and to work with Okafor, the newly appointed helmsman or choose any other person from within the party, "not any other imported person from outside like Oye".

According to Ozo, Oye ran the party as a personal estate and kitchen, lacking transparency, cohesion, coordination and teamwork, even as he either lacks the ability or was outright incorrigible, having been serially cautioned before now, without change.

The party chiefs see Dr Oye as a 'non-member' of the party who was picked from nowhere and foisted on the party, hence his aloofness, cockiness and arrogance who has no close affinity with any one of them.

They listed top among his offence to include inability to organize monthly NWC meetings-which he has just organized the fourth(4th) since taking over 16 months ago. He was equally accused of not organizing any National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting ever since, and feared that all these were strong enough reasons for the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to suspend the party's registration or even de-register it.

The NWC members said they would accord respect to and honour Gov Willie Obiano's meeting this morning (Tuesday, Oct 11,2016), pointing out that if given another of the many opportunities he had received in the past, Oye would not change, until he ruins the party completely.

The members who wouldn't want their names mentioned in the media presently said they only go haywire after the Awka meeting with the governor today. More so where Oye had been going round the whole places collecting pittance and dragging the name and image of the party down in the name of "kola-nut breaking". And had lashed out at them that he was all these while been running the party on charity and with personal funds, whereas grapevine had it that he collects N5million monthly.

That all the recent achievements recorded by the party nationwide were product of the efforts of the immediate past national chairman Chief Victor Umeh and themselves as Oye had never stepped out of Anambra state where he was all the while suffusing the governor with his presence everywhere the governor goes. Instead of going round the country to plant the party chapters and spreading the message of hope and transformation that APGA stands for.

Political watchers also pointed out that Oye lacked what it takes from the beginning, and that the crisis has exposed his lack of teamwork as it was clear he has no closeness or any interpersonal relationship with any of the NWC/party members at all who would have hinted him of the impending crisis.

Dr Oye reportedly invited all who is who in South East to Awka Sunday in order to join him in begging the NWC and Gov Obiano to save his head. Sadly the party chiefs' minds appeared made up already, especially not after talking down on them like his housemaids all along before now. 

They were coming this morning to listen to the governor and to throw more light on the weighty reasons for their action against Oye which they argue was advised by patriotic zeal to save APGA from a seeming political undertaker who may have come to destroy what they spent years building.

No members of the party contacted was ready to volunteer a comment as they adopted wait and see attitude to the whole saga.



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