Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Anglican Priests Make Case for Teaching Sex in Churches, Schools, Public gatherings

The author of the book

By Okechukwu Onuegbu

Some Anglican Priests and educationists have reiterated the needs for introduction of sex education into schools academic curriculum, as well as making it a public discussion even in religious gathering as ways of curtailing the prevalent sexual abuse in the society.

That was even as they posited that poor understanding of the essence and mechanism for sex was the root cause of many sexual deviations such as homosexualism and rape, marital disharmony in the families, interpersonal and intrapersonal conflicts.

According to the stakeholders, it was appalling that everybody seem to know about sex but many have not been taught how to express it since it does not feature often in public discussion due to cultural taboo surrounding sex.

Speaking at Awka, the capital of Anambra State during presentation of a book entitled Human Sexuality and Sexual Behaviour—a Psychological Perspective, authored by Ven. Gilbert O. Madubuike, the book reviewer, Ven. Dr Dennis Chinedu Egbogah averred that responsibility of sex education rests with the church “because theology and morality has no meaning when there is paucity of information on sex and sexual behaviour.”

Egbogah, who further enjoined the psychologists and other relevant professionals to develop “well articulated sex education and behaviour intervention programmes geared towards the control of sexual activities,” said it was timely and necessary in view of sexually related problems currently facing the world due to “low level of awareness about the issue of human sexuality because of some cultural and wrongly perceived religious opinion on the subject.”

Also speaking, the retired Chief Judge of Anambra State, Hon. Justice C. E. Kalajine Anigbogu, while calling on governments, priests and individuals across religious derives to encourage or study Clinical Psychology as it would help in curbing sexually abuse, stressed the need for similar book on sex to be authored in simpler form for the adolescents. 

On his part, the Author, Ven. Dr. Gilbert O. Madubike, who is a Senior Lecturer at Paul University, Awka, revealed that his book used both the pastoral and intellectual approach in bringing to the fore the need for guided intervention in making plan for the physiology of sex this contemporary times people were prone to sexual assaults and deviations.

Madubuike further noted that knowledge of the psychology of sex and the psychological principles of cordial sexual relationship will assist the married, and the unmarried to resist unwanted sexual overtures, delay early initiation of sexual intercourse, abstain from sexual relationship, avoid pornography and other stimuli that may trigger sexual thought and urge thereby preventing death and huge sums of money government spent on HIV/AIDS.

He identified as panacea, two behaviour intervention techniques that clinicians may employ to change undesirable sexual behaviour to include identifying those stimulus conditions that encourage sex, determining the reinforcement that encourages such deviant behaviours, and designing sexual education curriculum such as sexuality as a natural, normal and healthy for life when properly expressed in marriage, its harmful effect when expressed outside marriage, the importance of abstinence to preventing STD’s including HIV/AIDS, etc.



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