Sunday, 11 September 2016

Publicize Your Financial Activities For Transparency, Sicklers Charge NGOs as APLSCD Marks One Year

Aisha Edward, APLSCD founder while speaking at one of their sensitisations in Anambra
By Augustus Bill reports that sicklers under the aegis of Association of Persons Living with Sickle Cell Disorder (APLSCD),  were all glee and hopeful as the association marks her one year of existence and sensitization campaign for the sickle cell Disorder on September 12, 2016 at ABS Awka.
That was even as APLSCD dare other NGOs claiming to cater for them to make public their financial activities and services so as to ensure clarity and sincerity of the cause they pursue, because according to them, most NGOs are smokescreens for fraud.
It would be recalled that the Association began her activities in September last year with Anambra Walk to Life, a fitness program designed to raise an awareness for the sickle cell scourge, as well as call for membership of persons living with the disorder. 
And in a space of barely twelve (12) months have achieved a lot, and saved a lot of lives in the process.
Founded by the Coordinator, Aisha Edwards after witnessing total neglect and discriminations meted on persons living with sickle cell disorder. Being a victim of this neglect and outright Abuse from NGOs, Government and the society, it became pertinent to have an association where all members are victims of this disorder, to cater for their needs, and create a loud voice for these persons in the society, while propagating for the sensitization on this disorder, so as to end the proliferation the disorder.
The Association began a wide outreach and sensitization campaign covering all the local government areas in Anambra State and spanning to Enugu, Rivers, Kaduna,Kano and Ebonyi states, evident from the attendance of sickle cell persons from these states during the World Sickle Day, which was organized by APLSCD at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra State.
Performers at her music concert
The Association since inception has not only taken the sensitization as a call of duty, but also as a burning passion, as we hope to end the proliferation of this disorder. Being victims of this scourge and understanding their daily pain, it became necessary to propagate the genotype education to avoid further procreation of their kind, who were not only born into this world to suffer but left with degrees of untold hardship for a cause they did not bargain with their ignorant parents to inflict on them.
The sensitization did not end in Anambra as the CWO, of the Catholic Diocese of Enugu invited the Association to sensitize their members during their Mother’s Day Celebration in April this year, and this they did and earned the love of the Deputy Governor of Enugu State who was present at the Sensitization Campaign.
In June this year, the association hosted five states to a glamorous and much talked about World Sickle Cell Day Celebration at Unizik, and during the celebration, the Association inaugurated the sickle cell clinic built and donated to them by Prince. Engr. Arthur Eze. Sensitization booklets were also launched during this celebration that painted the town red, and left the gist on many lips for weeks.
However, the welfare and medical packages of the association have been a large source of hope for her members, as the association pay tuition fees, medical bills, shop rents and accommodation rents for her members, as well as purchase surgically equipped first aid boxes for each member of the Association. This they do to ensure that the members are well catered for.
In this vein, the coordinator of the Association, Aisha Edwards called out on NGOs and Charity organizations to emulate APLSCD, which for the first time made her financial statements public to relevant stakeholder.
The statement which was sent to offices of the Bishops of both the Catholic and Anglican communions in Anambra, the government, and donors of the association reflects the association’s income and expenditure in the last one year, and the copy which was made available to the press revealed that within the last one year the association has spent over ten million naira (N10, 000, 000) in sensitization, welfare and medical aids of her members, ranging over seven hundred and twenty (720) in number.
Aisha lamented that most NGOs and Charity Organizations cash into unsuspecting Nigerians, reaping them off valuable sums of money in the guise of reaching out to the less privileged in the society, which in actuality they have no intentions of getting these funds to them.
The Association in a special way appreciates the persons who have in various special ways supported the association but openly and secretly. Prince Engr. Arthur Eze has been a father to the association, defraying the cost of the medical registration of her members and providing her with a well-equipped sickle cell clinic. The wife of the governor Mrs. Ebele Obiano has also been helpful in her way, Mr Peter Obi, Arch Bishops and Bishops of Catholic and Anglican dioceses in Anambra and other Nigerians that has supported the association through thick and thin.
In a very special way the association wishes to extend her gratitude to her board Chairman Hon. Sylvester Nwobu-Alor who had stood by them even before the supports started coming. He was the one defraying the medical and welfare costs of the APLSCD while it was still at the nascent stage. It is pertinent to note that Hon. Nwobu-Alor defrayed a huge chunk of funds in the released financial statement.
Also, the association wishes to appreciate the kind and magnanimous heart of Rev. Fr. Obiora Okeke, the Principal of Austica memorial College Nanka, who followed the footsteps of his predecessor Rev Fr. Cosmos Ebebe and has been a source of hope for the Association, providing her with a bus for transportation during her sensitization campaigns.
However, APLSCD humbly solicits the support of corporate bodies and well-meaning Nigerians to feel the pain they pass through in spreading this Genotype education across states, and without a transportation system of their own. It has become necessary that the association gets a bus of her own, as continuous use of public transport puts the health of most members in danger, since their situation is one that is prone to ulcer of the leg and A vascular Necrosis(AVN)



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