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Ilonzo@ 70; Celebrating a Woman, who Saved President Buhari’s Life from Coup D’état

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By Okechukwu Onuegbu
Tomorrow, Saturday, 24th September, 2016, all roads lead to Centre for Psychic and Healing Administration (CPHA), Awka to celebrate with Chief Dr. Mrs. Flora Ifeanyichukwu Nkemakonam Ilonzo (Ambassador of Peace), the Founder and CEO of CPHA as she marks her 70 years birthday.

Born on September 24, 1946 in Onitsha, Anambra State, Nigeria, Ilonzo—a  woman who has made remarkable imprint in her services to the people in the area of charity, healing, education, and peacemaking had her early education in Ogidi, Umudioka and Aba, all in the South East geopolitical zone of Nigeria.

Ilonzo, whose foresightedness saved the current President of Nigeria, then General Muhammadu Buhari from coup d’état that would have ended his life, further attended the Institute of Management and Technology (IMT) Enugu where she graduated in Fine and Applied Arts, during which she also taught students of National and Higher National Diploma at the same institution, and in recognition of her passion for arts, the Anambra State government (comprising the present Anambra, Enugu and Ebonyi States) employed her as state artist.

Fondly called Anyafulugo, the renowned entrepreneurial herbalist explained that her birthday event which will commence today, Friday, September 23rd 2016 with free youth entrepreneurial skills acquisition programme at her CPHA skills acquisition centre, and on 24th feature Interdenominational Prayers by Catholics, Anglicans, and Moslems, to be followed by birthday get together, as well as Thanksgiving Mass at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church, GRA Awka on Sunday 25 at 9.30 am.
Ilonzo and her first daughter
While maintaining that many people would cry and feel too bad should she recount her ups and downs in life, the Phythomedicine expert, however, averred that she has “forgiven those that God use to mold her up to this level, because it is a bitter experience”.

Hear the woman, who earlier this year opened up her CPHA Mental Home& Skill Acquisition Centre whose part was dedicated to Bishop Amamieye, “I am celebrating how I saved Gen. Muhammadu Buhari as military Head of State (now President) in 1985 coup. I recovered ammunition, including nine bombs among others and stopped the visit of Gen. Buhari in 1984 which could have resulted into killing Igbo dignitaries that would troop en mass to receive him in the South East States.

“All I want to remind you is that God bestows on me, the vision and the power. I am calling on people to join me in thanking God for His mercies and protection especially for that of 1985.

“I would have been killed by now. It is the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our eyes. You know I leaked the coup plan to the planners. You know what it means. It led to my demotion from level 15 as State Artist to level 12 in the civil service. Though I was not tortured, I was locked up in GOC 82 Division Enugu until the completion of the coup that removed Buhari from office in 1985. I predicted the coup against Gen. Muhammadu Buhari.

“For that reason, I was invited by Brigadier Y. Y. Kure General Officer Commanding 82 Division Enugu and was locked up. I predicted that coup and it happened as I predicted it. After the incident, I resigned from government service and vowed not to work with them again. Although I was favoured by the military through the acquisition of this estate, I have saved so many lives through my predictions.”

Following this service, in a letter in 1985, obtained by, it was learnt that Ilonzo, who was subsequently banned from granting interview to the press through the official correspondence signed and conveyed to her by one S. C. Onunkwo for the Secretary to the Military Government and Head of Service, over what the then military government termed her “habit of granting interviews to the press.

According to the said letter, in some cases, Ilonzo’s “interviews did embarrass the government. For instance, in the ‘Sunday Satellite’ of 19th May, 1985 under the heading “Mystic Predict Another Upheaval”, you were quoted as having predicted another upheaval fresh disturbances in the country coming from Nigerian Army on 25 to 27 of August, 1985 and ask people to pray hard with you so that it will have no blood shade.

“This touches upon State Security—a matter which you ought to be very cautious in delving into. Also, you were quoted as having deceased the victimization of talents in the state. The purpose of writing this letter is to warn that you should refrain from granting any interview to the press without prior clearance with the appropriate authority. Any violation of this warning will attract severe disciplinary action you. For your information, civil service Rule No. 04212 (C) and (D) forbids a civil servant from allowing himself/herself to be interviewed or express any opinion, on any question of a political or administrative nature, or on matters affecting the administration, public policy, defence or military resources of the federation,” it concluded.

Speaking on what informed her decision to be practicing phytomedicine even though she is a professional artist, Ilonzo averred that,  “I’m an Artist; the first lady artist in the then East Central State comprising the present Anambra, Enugu, Ebonyi, Abia and Imo States. Herbal is in my gene, and my lineage. My father, and my great grand fathers from both father and mother sides were herbalists. Some people do ask me, why do I choose to be addressed as a herbalist. I am a reendowed herbalist known all over the world, because I have identified different plants from different parts of the countries by their uses and by their cure of different ailment.

“Coming to tradition, because you mentioned tradition, for your information, traditional medicine is different from herbal medicine. Herbal medicine is one all over the world. When they mentioned Acantus Mutanus, is the same in China, Germany, America, etc. all other botanic name of plants are the same worldwide. Their differences come from their originating countries because of the climate condition, and chemical from the soil. But we, Nigerians are lucky, because in Nigeria climate condition, there is no excess sunlight. Our climate condition helps our plants and it increases the medicinal value of it. So that is the difference.

“I’m an herbalist because I know all plants and their medicinal uses. Every plant has a signature, and God has already created and made them for the cure of diverse ailments. It is left for you to carefully identify the parts of the body that appears on it as its signature. That is why I’m difference. It is through the signature of a plant you will discover its healing potentials. I’m a member of the world Drug Information Association (DIA) which comprises of various medical bodies in the world. I have treated various purported incurable diseases including cancer, pile, madness, amongst others in Awka and other parts of the world.”

But on why combining the two time-demanding professions; Herbal and Artist, she maintained that she subscribed to the Holy Scripture’s saying that “Everything has its own time. I have passion for arts because of its creativity. Though I practiced Arts, I did not learn it. It is inside me. I taught it at Institute of Management Technology (IMT), Enugu. In 1974, I had run arts training centre at Onitsha where I trained many students on Arts and Craft. Before I joined IMT, I already have products in textile mill. I also have a blown up images unlike those in use at IMT which is masque.

“I did graphic arts, painting and sculpture. I singlehandedly handled all the paper arts work during the visit of Pope Johnpaul II in 1985. At 70, age is no more on my side. Thus, I want to make chance for others on Arts practice. I can still direct and instruct people on best art practices not to take active part in the production process. I can appreciate and support those that have devoted time in the Arts production so that the younger generation would be appreciated and encouraged to take up the profession. Then in herbs, as I told you earlier, my great grandparents, and my parents were great herbalists.

“I am a member of Arts Council. Arts Institutions do come here for counseling and consultations. I do also support them whenever they are doing something. During my own time as a state Artist, I setup cultural troop at Enugu, under Arts council. Those years, I attended events with some of my troop for cultural displays within and outside the country e.g. Igbo World day. It is unfortunate that these days, politicians hire cultural troops abroad instead of equipping or using our local cultural troops. It is discouraging. For herbal medicine, I thank God because my name has entered in the record of world renowned herbalists.”

She further enumerated few of her unique feats in the Herbal Profession to include raising somebody, doctors certified dead, in Germany with Africa Never Die (Brycophyllum pinatum/Oda-Opue), curing of chronic piles, madness and lots more, while insisting that some mental people were currently receiving treatment at CPHA, “and soon, they will be well. I thank God, because he is using me mightily and it gives me joy. Even while some people find it difficult to offset the bill for their sick love ones, I go ahead to treat them. We don’t have “out of stock” here in “CPHA.” On my birthday, I will give out free herbal medicine to many to help improve lives.”



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