Monday, 12 September 2016

I will Champion Gov. Obiano 2nd Tenure Bid on One Condition---Ubah

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By Okechukwu Onuegbu reports that the CEO, Capital Oil & Gas and publisher of The AUTHORITY Newspapers, Dr. Ifeanyi Ubah, in an interaction with newsmen and Civil Society organizations, in his Umuanuka Otolo-Nnewi country residence over the weekend clarified why he volunteered to be the Director-General of Governor Willie Obiano’s reelection bid. He also spoke about his passion for Anambra State, the youth, FC Ifeanyi Ubah and shared some compelling insights into his philosophy of life. Excerpts:

According to Dr. Ifeanyi Ubah, many may not know the quantity and quality of what he is investing in sports development, observ­ing that states like Akwa Ibom has made so much investment on sports and stadia.

Hear him: “The Akwa Ibom State government promised their players N5m to win us in their match against us to­day. The governors want to use sports to win election. But for us private investors, we are do­ing it because of our passion to put Anambra State on the world map.

“If there were no Abia War­riors and Eyimba FC, people in Abia State will accuse the governor of not working. Kano has invested heavily on Kano Pillars and it is not easy for Anambra Warriors to occupy their enviable position on the league table. Many other pri­vately owned clubs are going under. For us, we will escape the murky waters and take our club to the international level.

“We went to West Ham United FC for a partnership to bring their academy to the state. We are the first black football team to partner a pre­miership club in England. If you go to the web site of West Ham, you will see us there. It is a thing of joy and pride for Anambra State and Nigeria. We are going to introduce fe­male football in Anambra State next season.

“We are also into a project of producing a footballer from every family in the state. Ev­erything that has to do with Ifeanyi Ubah has its unique and special class - world class for that matter. We are build­ing a very solid team and a games village that will give job to over five thousand people. The Ifeanyi Ubah International Stadium would soon be cov­ered all through; the state box and other facility will soon be in place”.

Chief Ubah further maintained that there is ur­gent need to fill the gap created by the exit of great athletes who have done the nation proud and the government should not be expected to do it alone, adding that, “The volume of iron, concrete and other materials we have sunk into the stadium is bigger than any government project in the state. We use our money to do what will benefit the people of the state. We will soon have seven pitches in the stadium. You look at what we are do­ing. It is about youths, future, employment; we want to put a miniature stadium in every lo­cal government area if the gov­ernment allows us.

“I strongly believe that gov­ernment is the first parent of every child born in America and other European countries. If you manhandle a child in US or UK, you have the govern­ment to contend with. In fact, you may spend more than two years to reclaim your child. You don’t expect someone who grows in our environ­ment to favorably compare with those ones who grow in such environment. We are try­ing to bring the American sys­tem and standard to Anambra State.

“Those that understand how things are pinching people should be in government. I am not saying this for Anambra State alone but for the entire nation. People who are con­tented and not driven by greed should be in the corridors of power. Everyone occupy­ing one position or the other should realize that at the end of every luxury, death awaits all. People in leadership should be conscious of this fact and try as much as possible to impact lives of people while in office.

“I am not happy because things are generally not go­ing the way they should. I contested in the governorship election in 2011. I did that not to amass wealth. I ran for the election based on my pas­sion to impact lives at greater level. I have enjoyed a reason­able measure of affluence and luxury before I attained age 20 and my running for governor­ship election then was to help the downtrodden. I have im­pacted lives. My gatemen and drivers are multiple landlords. That is what we have done. I want to give back to Anambra People. We are not showing off here but we are into real busi­ness of putting the state on the world map.”

He further explained that by the fourth year of FC Ifeanyi Ubah in the league, the Anambra Warriors would be hundred percent in­digenous, even as he noted that the first year in the professional league was for experiment, the second year for testing and that the club is expected to stabilize by the third year, and by the fourth year, it will build hundred percent indigenous Anambra Warriors.

The president and financier of FC Ifeanyi poised that his dar­ling club, the Anambra War­riors is built on a solid rock and will not go like the way of other clubs that has come and gone under. “I don’t go into what I cannot finish. God will surely sustain us, the only proj­ect that has taken me time to complete is the church project I am handling and by the grace of God, we will soon do some­thing about that. The problem is that we discovered a fault in the roofing and we have to ad­dress that to avoid cracks.”

While commenting on the economy of the state, the publisher of The AU­THORITY Newspapers said “I continue to say that I am the only hu­man being in the state bring­ing investment of over N10b into the state. I grew from the grass-roots, I watch my daily activities and I am contented. I am a brand, in everything I do, I stand out.”

He further paid glowing tribute to former President Goodluck Jonathan for his interven­tion which birthed the Akanu Ibiam International Airport, Enugu, appointment of Igbos into strategic positions in his administration and according a befitting burial to Dim Chuk­wuemeka Ojukwu, but expressed concern that every­thing in the country is handed over to one person, while the Igbos are struggling.

He insisted that, “I have contribut­ed my quota to my community. If my state is well governed, we will challenge the federal gov­ernment. Am sure you all know that so many things made in Anambra State are Nigeria’s best. There is need to build in­dustrial economy in the state as was done in Japan. Hausa people are using local intel­ligence to rule Nigeria. There is need for unity and coopera­tion among the Igbos just like northerners. Many governors have governed the state for the past twenty years and what can we point to as their achieve­ment?

“Check out China twenty four years ago. When I did the interlock of the roads in my community, six years down the line, the roads are still solid. We did that because that is what we see abroad. If we have this in every local government area of the state the difference would have been so clear. We should start doing thing properly.

“I want every Anambra per­son to know that I am not do­ing all the things am doing to get power. Government should not be pissed off with construc­tive criticism because it brings out the best. I want us to re­spect our governor, Chief Wil­lie Obiano. I pray he has good advisers, I want him to take another four years because the governor is fair in what he is doing,

“I will support him for the next four years on the condi­tion that he allows me to be his reelection campaign D-G because we will have to tell Anambra people the truth about every issue of gover­nance. The local government areas should get what belong to them and the state government should be able to make public the amount of resources given to each council area.

“I am a man of my word. It is high time we took the bull by the horn. Obiano as a person is a good guy but surrounded by sycophantic rats the same way I was surrounded by rats when I ran for governorship election. I always say it, he is a better gov­ernor. The DG of a campaign is like someone contesting. I will like to be his DG campaign and for four years we will collabo­rate and supervise him. I have built a formidable structure, made useful friends and learnt my lessons in politics. I will de­ploy my resources for his sup­port if am made his campaign DG free of charge.

“Let me tell you, the search for true Igbo leader has taken so much resources from me, not just in Anambra State but the entire Igbo land. Rochas Okorocha acknowleged my role and that of Sir Emeka Of­for, at making him governor in his first tenure. I have been supporting almost all the gov­ernors in the zone. I supported Andy Uba in all his aspirations but he has never at a time said - thank you for all my investment on him. We have really paid our price. If I will not be DG then I will throw my cap into the ring for the governorship election. There is no free lunch in Free­town. I will not like to stain my name and integrity for any po­litical expedience. I am the big­gest investor in Anambra State.

“I financed and sustained the All Progressives Grand Al­liances (APGA) offices across the land after which the party was given to Victor Umeh but I saw dangers ahead and moved to Labour Party. It was painful that Victor Umeh, Austin Ndig­we and their co-travelers who I was helping turned against me. I gave them armored vehicles because I did not want them to get killed by enemies’ bullet while working.

“Nnewi should be treated fairly, we went for local govern­ment election three times, we won but a sole administrator was put in place. What I am do­ing is to impact my state with my wealth. I have suffered so much for the state but I have put those experiences behind me. I have moved on.
I am ready to give uninter­rupted twenty-four hour power supply to Enugu, Anambra and Delta states using the rich abundant coal deposit in Enu­gu but the government of these states must sign an agreement concerning this. I am prepared to meet the affected governors over this issue.

“Though to be fair to the state government, they asked me to nominate someone for the position of sole administrator but I declined. I am not a kind of person who abandons the people who fought alongside with me in a cause for a meal of porridge.
“Agriculture is the most im­portant sector of the economy because people are fed through that sector. It is after agriculture that we start talking about oil and gas. There is need for peo­ple of Anambra State to go and search for my manifesto when I contested governorship elec­tion in 2011. It is the duty of ev­ery responsible government to build youth empowerment in agriculture.



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