Monday, 5 September 2016

How Elder Brother Kills Younger Sister in Anambra Community over Late Father's Properties

Who says that Ghost never slapped Okorocha must read this story to find out how powerful Igbo ghost could be
...Turmoil as Corpse Exposes Killers after 6 Months burial

By Okechukwu Onuegbu

Although real, it seemed too hard to be believed that a corpse buried for over six months could still look as fresh as new born baby when exhumed. Worst been that it is appearing and disappearing as a ghost to point accusing fingers on its alleged killers. This was not a movie but a tale of Late Mrs. Nkechi (nee Nwangwu) of Nando, Anambra East Local Government Area of Anambra, who reportedly died with a seven months old pregnancy at Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

Late Nkechi joined her ancestors on March 18th, 2016 and was committed to earth on April 20, 2016, although another version of the story alleged that she died in an attempt to be delivered of the seven months pregnancy which mysteriously turned out to be a tortoise.

According to our sources, although buried and funeral rites completed, Nkechi’s ghost was allegedly visiting her accused killer, Onyekwelu Nwangu (a.k.a CITY), who is her elder brother at Lagos singing and questioning him to that effect. Others her spirit equally accused of contributing to her untimely death were her elderly sisters Mrs. Agbonma and Mrs. Charity Nwangwu, as well as her father’s sister, Adaoba Nwangwu.

Until Nkechi’s death, learnt that her elder brother, Onyekwelu Nwangwu and others now at large were contesting Late Chief Udealor Nwangwu (their father’s) property, a-35 room residential house situated somewhere at Umuahia, Abia State after the death of their father.  

Onyekwelu it was reliably gathered, singlehandedly sold the controversial property and made away with the cash even though their mother, Therese was still living. His other siblings including the deceased got wing of the story when the alleged buyer attempted to drove their mother and their tenants out of the building.

As a result, the late Nkechi, been the last born and most wise in the family convinced her few elder brothers and sisters, Mr. Chibuzo, Mr. Nnaemeka, and Chukwuemeka to join her in persuading their elder brother, Onyekwelu to refund the money to the buyer as they would not sale the land as long as their mother was alive.

But Onyekwelu in collaboration with the two accused loyal to him refused, and at the process, the buyer sued the family to court during which they (Nkechi and others) contributed their hard earned incomes with which they refunded the buyer and retrieve back their belongings.

City, been aware of the development, allegedly returned back to demand for house rent of the same building saying that he is the first born, but late Nkechi declined, insisting that her mother must be in charge of it till she passed out.

Feeling humiliated, Onyekwelu in connivance with Agbonma and Charity allegedly contracted their aunt, Adaoba. Adaoba is married but currently lives in the compound of Mr. Onyekwelu due to some misunderstanding between her and her husband. Late Nkechi had reportedly denied her a room in their father’s family compound before Onyekwelu allegedly accommodated her in his inherited uncompleted one-storey building. learnt that Onyekwelu, Agbonma, Charity and Adaoba allegedly travelled to Midwest (Benue State) where they obtained charm with which they allegedly tied Late Nkechi’s pregnancy, replacing it with a tortoise and she died at the process.

Collaborating the story, the deceased mother and her second daughter, Theresa and Ifeoma Nwangwu disclosed that upon the departure of their beloved, Onyekwelu and others now at large ordered her corpse to remain in the morgue for three years for challenging them but her mother and those loyal to her went ahead to bury her corpse.

It was also gathered that none of the suspects was present at the burial, and when her ghost began to torment them, one after the other, they allegedly contracted one Jeremiah (an Abakaliki labourer) living in a nearby village, to exhume it, chain and nail the corpse, and rebury it in a forest (ajofia).

Jeremiah, who was promised N35, 000 cash reward reportedly carried out the act at about 12 midnight on June 20th 2016 but instead of reburying it at aforesaid forest, he threw it into an open field in the forest, and demanded for his payment from his senders, who then promised to pay him the next day.

However, it was learnt that Nkechi’s ghost did not only resumed her usual outing but also revealed her present ordeal in the hands of Jeremiah and his senders, to her step-brother, Chukwuemeka, even as she reportedly lamented that her corpse was suffering under the heavy downpour and scorching sun.

Apparently in fear of the ghost threats to exterminate their entire lineage if nothing urgent was done to resolve the abomination, Chukwuemeka led some youths of the village in thorough search of his departed sister’s corpse and found it where it was thrown in the forest on August 26, 2016.

To that effect, they held hostage the accused, further reported the matter to the town, who then summoned them for further interrogation. It was in the process, they confessed to the crime, as well as opened a padlock key with which they had caged so many youths of Nando.

While dismissing the rumour that he killed his sister, the alleged killer, CITY alleged that although she died of tortoise pregnancy it was the idol she destroyed that killed her.

On that fateful Monday, August 29, 2016, after confession, Chukwuemeka and his family resolved to settle the matter amicably having found out that their people had no solution to it. But as they were leaving the arena, Abube Square in Nando some officers of Special Anti-crime Robbery Squad (SARS) allegedly contracted by Charity and Agbonma (some of the suspects) invaded the town, shot sporadically on the air to disperse the people including the newsmen. They further whisked away the crime suspects and their opposition, Nnaemeka and Chibuzo.

When contacted, the Anambra State Commissioner of Police, CP Sam Okaula condemned the SARS intrusion without investigation and order from his office, noting that police does not condone any act of rascality and indiscipline.

But as at time of filing this report, reliably gathered that the intruded SARS officials were in detention while the accused and the complainants had withdrew the case from police to settle it among themselves. 



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