Friday, 23 September 2016

How Anambra State Lawmakers Threw away Gov. Obiano's OCHA-Brigade Bill

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 By our reporter

Perhaps a first feat to have been achieved by the stooges called the Anambra State House of Assembly members, yesterday, Thursday 22 September 2016, the APGA dominated hallowed chamber threw out the executive bill purportedly smuggled into the chamber by the Speaker of the House, Rt. Hon. Rita Maduagwu and presented by the Majority leader, Hon. Jideofor Okoye, representing Anambra West constituency.
Hon Speaker

The bill, which seeks to legalize the activities of the Operation Clean Healthy Anambra (OCHA) brigade was not only frown at but outright voted against by majority of the house members present during the plenary.

The rational and wise decision of the house which was almost muscle-out by the Speaker and Majority leader, (Obiano’s stooge and puppet respectively), was revived by the prudent and logical argument presented in the house by the assembly's Chief Whip, Hon Lawrence Chukwunweike Ezeudu of DUNUKOFIA who vehemently opposed the bill.
Hon Ezeudu

Ezeudu, who queries the rationale behind the bill on the ground that OCHA-Brigade was not established or recognized by any law in Anambra state or Nigeria, ask why should the house legalize the activities of what was not in existence.
After Hon Ifedioranma’s logical presentation, others who claimed to be legal luminaries, even 3rd and 4th timers in the House, but blindfolded by Willie is Working mentality was thrown abase and hide their faces in shame while shyly support that the bill should be thrown out.
Hon Victor Okoye, the Majority Leader reports that the activities of the OCHA-Brigade was detested by the people of Anambra state especially the traders whose wares were confiscated and huge amount of money extorted from them by the illegal agency. We noticed with utmost carefulness, though not in awe, across the state, that fear of OCHA-Brigade is the beginning of widom, if you are in doubt, ask the IGR collectors and the women traders in the state, you will hear the better parts of the gist.
Recently, hell was let loose at Onitsha and its environs when the OCHA-Brigade in combination with Nigeria Police led by the duo of Chief Kenneth Okonkwo (OCHA-Brigade Boss) and Police Public Relation Officer in the state, Nkeiruka Nwode arrested over 90 people including youth, elderly and women whom they alleged to be illegal tax collectors for the government.
On the closer investigations of our undercover reporters, we find out that 90 percent of the people arrested were the licensed IGR collectors in the state, the situation that prompt many people to threaten legal action against the government and its brigade.
In a brief chat with one of the IGR contractors in the state, Hon. Wilfred Ezike, popularly known as Mgbirigba Anambra), he disclosed to our reporter that he was mandated to remit N5million weekly to the state government, which worth N20million monthly.
He further revealed that he has been faithful to the task, but expressed displeasure on the incessant arrest of his boys who he said, forms the better tools for the realization of the said fund.
Hon. Wilfred further alleged that Anambra State Police command led by PPRO under the instruction of CP and Governor Obiano storm Onitsha on regular basis, collect huge amount of money from his boys under what they themed “water the ground”.
The nefarious activities of OCHA-Brigade was one of the major reasons that made Governor Obiano to suspend the petty toll collections in the market across the state, though it was too late because majority have paid for the year 2016.
Source close to government house disclosed to our under-cover reporters that Chief Kenneth Okonkwo, Governor Obiano was in series of meeting in governor’s lodge, planning on how to re-strategize and possible to water the ground pending the second coming of the bill in the House.



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