Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Gov. Obiano's 20 million naira direct community development project tears Anambra Apart some communities may be blacklisted.
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By Eneh Victor Chigozie

The 20 million naira community development project fund which Obiano promised to give each of the 177 communities in the state has become a hoax and APGA Interactive Forum investigation shows this Fund which has created crisis in many communities is designed for Obiano second bid which will see communities hostile to Obiano return bid blacklisted. The 20 million naira direct community development fund is becoming a scam.
APGA Interactive Forum discovered that Gov Willie Obiano has constructed a channel to use the 20 million naira direct community project fund to raise funds for his campaign. The said 20 million naira set aside for communities in the state has a lot of conditions and factors that prove its fraudulent intentions.
This Forum found out that part of the fraudulent conditions set by the governor was asking the communities to raise an Advance Payment Guarantee (APG) at Fidelity Bank (any APG from other banks is rejected). The Advance Payment Guarantee of a 20 million naira project is abut 3 million naira and the governor two days ago instructed through the board of the procurement at the government House that the Advanced Payment Guarantee should be held for one year (12months), even when most of the projects will span for not more than 3months.
If the 177 communities raise Advance Payment Guarantee of 3 million naira each, the governor will make about 531million naira from the same communities he claims he is developing through this scam called 20 million naira direct project.
On the course of our investigation, a shocking discovery was the interest the 531 million naira of the Advance Payment Guarantee will yield in Fidelity Bank for the governor within the stipulated 1 year.
Again, we learnt that all the contractors have been forced to insure their bid with the sum of 70, 000 naira each which is non refundable.
With each community nominating a contractor to handle its agreed project, the 177 contractors will generate about 12million naira for the governor.
The biggest scam in the whole process is asking the 177 communities to raise Advance Payment Guarantee when the governor has decided to start the project in only 20 communities. The 20 communities which their names are yet to be made open are tagged as politically most "vulnerable". With this consideration, the procurement board has put up only 20 slots of the contracts for sale, going for a minimum of 100,000 naira.
The governor and his team will smile home at the end of day with a profit margin of over 1 billion naira while selling the deceit of "developing communities", with 20 million naira each.
We also gathered that this 20 million naira community development fund has torn many communities apart, as those indigenous contractors who cannot meet the terms are outrightly disqualified and project "hijacked" by government officials in the name of "pending community resolution". For instance, in Ogbunka, Orumba South LG, the town had a contractor which was unanimously adopted by the town which the PG, Barr Steve Ibebuik also endorsed. But one commissioner who is from Agbala in Ogbunka nominated a different contractor.
The town revolted and threatened to go public with this imposition. The office of the local Government and Chieftaincy Matters had to quickly intervene and invited the PG for peace talk and stop them from speaking out.



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