Monday, 5 September 2016

Glorious Exit of a Cheerful Giver

Friends and fans, as you rightly observed, your boy, Comrade Okechukwu C.F.N Onuegbu (MD/CEO of DEVOICE CREATIVE NETWORK, DEVOICE NIG. LTD,, and had been partially off the internet for 13 days now. I got your messages, emails, phone calls, SMS and views (as documented by google/linkedin/facebook analytics), amongst others. Thanks for your keen interest in me.
However, my partial absent (offline) was not deliberate. It was as a result of the sudden death of my great father@ 70 years old. Although you might have met with me here and there same period (the man you saw was like every other journalists or grownup male child). Been the last born of the family and only child living in the state, I was totally involved (in person and in finance).
Again, I never wanted to break the news of his exit on facebook/internet because of so many reasons including the fact that he died untimely without enjoying the fruit of his labour (children). Well, the Entrepreneurial enigma, the Giver that hates to receive even at a gunpoint, Icon of Success, a Colossus, a Symbol of a Cheerful Giver (Oji ego ya na-akunuba emego), the vacuum creator… CHIEF MATTHEW CHUKWUJEKWU ONUEGBU OSINEME
Best known by the following names/titles
Matiu Wanshi (African Cultural and Traditional Evangelist) 1 of Eziagu LGA of Enugu State.
Jiga (stubborn industrious man or dogged fighter).
Igwe Ndiobia (the King of non-indigenes/residents)1 of Enugu State.
Aka nri (the Right hand man/the man of truth) 1 of Umuaba village, Ebenebe.
Eze-anaerifeya ona enwe-anuri (the cheerful giver/the King that is happy when people are enjoying his wealth).
Uka onu (Always saying it as it is(
Eje-ana bu isi’je (Peaceful returning from a journey is the outmost), etc left his wife, children, grand and great grand children, step-wife and stepchildren, cousins, nephews, in-laws, friends and well wishers all over the world on Nkwo, Tuesday August 23rd 2016 after a brief illness, and was buried same day in accordance to the great African Tradition which had been his choice while alive. The funeral rites comes on April 2017 (other detailed date shall be communicated to you in due course).
You will find more about him in my first novel, the ADVENTURES OF A DETERMINED CHILD (coming to market soonest).



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