Thursday, 22 September 2016

Catholic Bishop Suspends and Arrest two popular Priest in Anambra

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The auxiliary Bishop of Onitsha Archidiocese, His Lordship, Most Reverend Dennis Chidi Isizoh was on last week alleged to have ordered the suspension of the Parish priest of St. Theresa Catholic Church, Umunya, Oyi Local Government Area of Anambra State, Rev Fr. Prof Clement Aghadinuno and the Spiritual Director of Communio Sanctorum Int’l, Catholic Prayer Ministry of the Communion of the Saint, Umunya, Very Rev. Fr. Prof. Bonachristus Umeogu on what he termed insubordination.

Our undercover reporter reliably gathered that trouble started on Wednesday last week when a fervent argument ensued between Fr. Aghadinuno (Parish Priest) and Fr. Umeogu (Father Bona) with the former, who was alleged to be playing the script of Auxiliary Bishop of Onitsha Archdiocese, accused the later of monopolizing the resources meant for the development of the church through his brother’s wife.

Consequently, the argument was intense to the extent that Father Bona could not bear the alleged insult melted on him by the Parish Priest opposed the parish priest’s disposition as a result of sharp division of the parishioners into two camps, and the cajole starts from there, which spurred the physical blows and tearing of clothes by both priests leaving each of other with short and t-shirt.

When our undercover reporter visited the venue of the free-for-all fight, we saw musical instruments of Fr. Bonachristus Umeogu being destroyed by the angry Parish Priest’s camp, and the conduit of the church being tampered by the pro Bona’s supporters during the melee at St. Theresa Catholic Church, Umunya.

We reliably gathered that the embattled Parish Priest telephoned Governor Obiano, when it seems that the situation was beyond his control and Governor Obiano in turn called Bishop Isizoh, the auxiliary bishop of Onitsha archdiocese who immediately suspends the two fighters and order that both should leave the parish premises with immediate effect.

An eyewitness who pleaded anonymity told our undercover-reporter that the auxiliary Bishop of Onitsha Archidiocese, His Lordship, Most Reverend Dennis Chidi Isizoh on Wednesday preceding Friday, which the whole melee took place, stormed the parish unscheduled, and he suspected that one of his missions could be to oust Rev. Fr. Bonachrist Umeogu from St. Theresa Parish on the allegation of insubordination.

He said that Bishop Isizoh was trying to blame the parish priest for not being tactical enough in devising means of ousting Fr. Umeogu and subsequently stopped him from holding prayers within the parish premises hence his brother’s wife did monopolize the proceedings.

According to him, “I heard when the Parish Priest was asking Bishop, why are you blaming me. I did what you asked me to do. You know the man is intelligent”.

Our undercover reporters reliably gathered that Friday problems started when Rev. Fr. Bonachrist Umeogu approach the parish priest for his 3 years emoluments with according to him amount to over N3million and still running, which the parish priest was not giving him favourable response. The Parish priest of St. Theresa Catholic Church, Umunya, Rev Fr. Prof Clement Aghadinuno was alleged to have said to Rev. Fr. Bonachrist during the melee that since his brother’s wife monopolized the proceedings from the adoration which would have been used to develop the church, that there would be no pay for him including the arrears.  

However, an effort to speak to both parties proves abortive as none of them, Rev Fr. Prof Clement Aghadinuno and Rev. Fr. Prof. Bonachrist Umeogu was on sight. They neither pick their calls nor return both the text and calls put across by our undercover-reporters as our press time. We also saw Rev. Sisters numbered three sent to the parish by Auxiliary Bishop Isizoh to ascertain the level of damages caused by the warrior priests and report back on the level on compliance to the order of suspension by the Bruce-lee like priests.  

Meanwhile we will keep you posted on the development as it unveils.



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