Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Anambra Born Journalist, Blogger Launches 4th published book, first prose

Book for sale! Book for sale! Book for sale!

Yes, it has landed at last!!! You demanded for it when I was busy authoring collection of poems and health book. Here is it.
Buy a copy or copies for yourself, your children or love ones, especially now schools are resuming for new academic session. This first published Prose (Short Story) is very educative, prosaic, illustrative, descriptive, narrative…

Book’s Title: The Mysterious Housekeeper
Author: Okechukwu Onuegbu
ISBN: 978-978-955-946-6
Publisher: De-Voice Creative Network (DCN) (dcreativenetwork@gmail.com, oonuegbu3@gmail.com, 08061506936 or 09050862846).
Page number: (36 pages artistically illustrated/pictures)
NB: The book was Edited by Prof Joy Eyisi of NOUN—Abuja centre, Mr Uche Osunkwo; and Dr Okechukwu Nwafor (HOD of Fine and Applied Art Department, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka—NAU); Princewill Chinonso Okolo of ABU Zaria; Comrade Henry C. Duru of Orient Daily newspaper; Azidiegwu Amarachi C. of CSMT, Abakaliki; and Mr. Ojo Akinyemi of Jos. While the artistic illustrations was performed by Mr. Fredrick Nwogem of NAU Department of Fine and Applied Art; even as its Cover was designed by Comrade Simeon Nwogha of Crest Daily and Champion Newspapers.

An excerpt from Page 19 to 22 of the Mysterious Housekeeper read:
As she was leaving for her farm that fateful morning, she prepared a delicious food for Kosisochukwu, bathed her, and waited on her to eat.
“Do not worry my lovely daughter. I will take you to a healing centre today. Eat and relax, we will go when I return home. Please don’t die. I don’t want to lose you…” Akueke implored her daughter.
Kosisochukwu nodded in approval. She poured some drugs into her cup, handed it over to her, and she drank; squeezing her face. She then kept the keg of the remaining drug concoctions behind Kosisochukwu’s mud bed, and sternly warned her not to touch it.
The ailing girl was carefully covered with some of her mother’s wrappers as she lay to sleep. Akueke then left for her farm.

The sun had shifted significantly from its noon stand overhead when Akueke closed from the farm work. She had successfully cleared the troublesome weeds off several ridges lined with growing cassava, yam and other plants. Though she still had several ridges to do clearing on, she, all the same, heaved a satisfactory sigh of relief for what she did for the day. But for the scheduled journey to save her daughter’s life, it was unusual for her to say goodbye to the farm earlier than the dusk.
Akueke sat under Uchakuru tree, brought a dish containing her meal. That was her own portion of the delicacy which she prepared before leaving her home that morning. Already, an army of black ants had besieged the dish, though it was carefully covered as securely as thought best. She ate as much as she could, and threw the rest on the sand. She headed for Nwangbara, a stream behind the farm; washed her plates, hoe, cutlass and other farm tools, and bathed.
Back to the farm, she rubbed ude-aki (palm-kernel cream), dressed up and just stood up to go when Ndu rushed up to her with an unusual speed. 
“Why are you running like this, is anything the matter?” Akueke asked her agitated visitor, while studying his body language. Ndu, still breathing in panic, lied to the woman that while he was preparing his launch, he overheard her daughter screamed thrice and ceased. On hearing this, Akueke panicked. She subsequently fainted, recovering only after so many anxious moments.
Akueke and Ndu walked home in a jiffy after she came to her senses. When they got to the house, the whole place was as quiet as a Roman Catholic Chapel. And very ominously, an Owl perching on top of the ogilishi tree beside their house was hooting loudly.
“Kosisochukwu! Kosisochukwu! Kosisochukwu!”,Akueke called on her daughter thrice, but she did not respond. Immediately, her body froze cold sweat. She looked at Ndu’s eyes but he threw away his face pretentiously. She knew that something strange had happened and quickly unlocked the door of her room, only to see…(for more or to purchase your own copy or market the book in print or online, kindly contact us on +2348061506936, dcreativenetwork@gmail.com, or oonuegbu3@gmail.com). You can also get copies of collection of poems, health books, and so on published by the same Author and printing press by contacting us.



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