Monday, 5 September 2016


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By: Augustus Bill

Jealousy is gradually becoming an ingredient in the lives of most persons from the Igbo tribe, as people constantly envy the luxury and success of illustrious persons and often times go out of their ways to tarnish the images of persons who they feel are successful. Clinging on the sentimental support they would get from the society, they paint these successful persons in the most implausible manners.
You cannot accuse someone while sitting in the dock, you must first clear yourself of the charges that got you in the dock before pointing your index of accusations to another. This is the case of the scenario being played out in the land dispute between Ukpo and Abagana in Dunukofia and Njikoka LGA in Anambra state.

It has become a custom for people to cunningly divert attention from the crux of a situation rather than find ways in solving the situation. Few days ago, it was viral on the pages of most Nigerian blogs about how a group from Abagana wanted the arrest of Business Mogul and Philanthropist Prince Engr. Arthur Eze for alleged terrorism, the stories on those pages reminded one that this was still Nigeria, where people left the house on fire to chase a rat.

It also reminded one of how funny and cunny people can be in diverting attention, and this is what the so called Abagana Welfare Union is doing as regarding the land dispute.

The authors of the said post titled “Anambra wants Mogul, Arthur Eze Charged With and tried for Terrorism”, which was published on Sahara Reporters and other blogs left the most important things unsaid, basing their assertions on frivolities and assumptions to whip sentiments.

As usual, it is always seen that the rich is always oppressing the poor in Nigeria, so labeling Arthur Eze a terrorist would whip enough sentiments among the populace.
This article bares a lot of facts and clears the ambiguities in the assertions made by the Abagana Welfare Union.

The article would try not to dive into the land dispute because the case is still in court, but would only discuss the circumstances around the dispute as highlighted in the said post calling for the arrest of Engr. Eze.

The Abagana Welfare Union did not deny the fact that the decision of the high court did no go in their favour, so one wonders why they lay claim to a land they cannot prove is theirs in the law court.

The said dispute had been appealed as they said, and from then the Ukpo Community has remained calm and patient while waiting for the ruling of the Appeal Court.

It is pertinent to note that Ukpo community does not go after what they are sure is not theirs. The Abagana welfare Union alleged Ukpo to be constantly in fight for land that does not belong to them, and in the course of this allegation, they mentioned the land dispute between Ukpo and Abba town.

Again it is relatable to hint that on June 27, 2016, the Court of Appeal in Enugu presided by Hon. Justice E. A. Agim ruled the Abba vs Ukpo disputed land in favour of the Ukpo community. This fact further puts the assertions and claims of the Abagana community in drums of doubt.

The Abagana Welfare Union didn’t mention that sometime in May, a group of hoodlums attacked Ukpo community demolishing structures, burning cars and shooting sporadically, this attack lasted through the night and into the morning of the next day and caused unrest in Ukpo town, as the citizens were scared of moving out due to the gunshots of the previous night.

Of course this part was omitted in the story published, because people are used to leaving out the part that incriminates them when telling their side of the story. The group did not deny that there was no attack on Ukpo and that the attackers were not from Abagana.

The polity was already heated up and retaliation was in sight as Ukpo youths were becoming restive. It was the same Arthur Eze who the people of Abagana are now calling for his head that waded in to quell the rising tension, by making necessary contacts that brought in the Police to repress the apprehensive situation.

This showed a man who wanted peace and not war like the people of Abagana claimed in their post. He could have easily sponsored the retaliation, but he preferred peace and dialogue to war.

However, he takes Abagana community as their brothers. Arthur Eze flew down to the East on hearing of the attacks on Ukpo, and immediately met with Ukpo elders and youths and urged them to void any intentions of reprisals. He did not stop there, he extended invitations of peace talks to the Abagana community, and their chiefs visited and together with those of Ukpo community peace was restored, albeit for a while.


It was funny reading the title of the said publication made by the people of Abagana, the title said “Anambra wants Mogul, Arthur Eze Charged With and tried for Terrorism” this makes one wonder how and when a community became the voice of their Local Government talk more of the State. Is that not a ploy to whip sentiments? Abagana should have learned by now that such court cases are not decided by sentiments but by facts and evidences.

They could save more time looking for evidences to prove their claims than trying to whip sentiments. The said group from Abagana in their ploy to appear as Saints and paint Arthur Eze and the people of Ukpo as devils, intentionally forgot to include the fact that on the dusk of August 18, 2016, again hoodlums attacked the police check point erected at the boundary of both communities to monitor the situation of things and burnt down two police Hilux vans, destroyed the police living quarters, and killed one Mr. Emmanuel Chiagozie Okafor (Popularly known as Atuonyeilo) from Ukpo community.

The group would not deny that there was no attack and that the attack was not perpetuated by people from Abagana or those acting in connection or approval of Abagana community.

The Abagana Welfare Union are calling Arthur Eze a terrorist, under the present situation one begins to wonder who the real terrorist is. These assertions are ploys to whip enough sentiments that would probably aid the release of the suspects arrested in connection with the attack.

The present situation has caused a loud apprehension at Ukpo, especially at the Nnamdi Azikiwe University Hospital Ukpo, where sickle cell patients who are members of the Association of People Living with Sickle Cell Disorder (APLSCD) were receiving treatment before the last attack had to leave for fear of another attack from the people of Abagana.

Arthur is not on the database of those to be labelled terrorists. This is a man who loves extending his hands of generosity and kindness to people around him, and has maintained a cool head in the land dispute, championing peace and dialogue as the best ways to resolve the crisis.
It is germane to note that the series of attack on Ukpo community by the people from Abagana has made it impossible for most sickle cell patients in the state to access the free medical care provided for them by Arthur Eze at the Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital Ukpo, as most of them coming from across the Local Government Areas in the state are in fear of the restive situation in that area.
The crisis have caused a strong and untold hardship on the people in that area, as the cost of transportation from Abagana to Ukpo and vice versa has skyrocketed, and motorists take risks by using the major route or charge higher for using alternate routes. This makes it very hard for sickle cell patients who visit the sickle cell clinic at Nnamdi Azikiwe Teaching Hospital Ukpo, for emergency cases and routine medical check-up.
It is noteworthy to know that majority of the sickle cell patients whose medical care is being sponsored by the Same Arthur Eze are from the Abagana community, the same Abagana community that neglected their sickle cell patients even when they were written severally, only for the patients to be sponsored by the Arthur Eze their community now want to crucify.
It is therefore high time that the state government waded into the matter and sought a lasting solution to the mayhem perpetuated by people from Abagana community, so as to bring to fulfillment the wish of the members of APLSCD, who pray that the crisis comes to an end.



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