Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Minister of Niger Delta Completes only one project after 8 years of creation

The Minister of Niger Delta Affairs, Mr Uguru Usani has said that the ministry had successfully completed only one project since its creation eight years ago, news48hour.com reports.

Mr. Usani, who stated this at Abuja yesterday, said it was regrettable that no project had been commissioned or completed since the establishment of the ministry in 2008, except a cassava processing plant in Ondo State by the present administration.

The Minister further decried the destruction of oil facilities by Niger Delta Avengers, arguing that no matter the provocation, it was wrong for the group to destroy the environment that bore the peoples’ heritage.

He said that the region was everybody’s business and that no personal or collective interest was worth the destruction of oil pipelines in the region, and called on his people “Let us come together as one to protect our communities. Let us preach love, peace, tolerance, patience and dialogue with one another. Let us convince ourselves that it is our region and that we have nowhere to go to, if we destroy it.”



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