Friday, 5 August 2016

Lagos Passenger Pushes Conductor into Lagoon

Today wasn't a good day to this driver and conductor.
It happened at Lagos today August 5th. According to one of the passengers, he and some others boarded a bus from Ajah to CMS for N250. When they got to Ikate roundabout, the driver and conductor of the bus suddenly decided that they didn't want to continue the journey anymore and would transfer all the passengers to another bus. Unfortunately for them, older women in the bus resisted the change. They demanded that they will not leave the bus and it must also take them to their agreed destination.

The conductor tried to resist but one of the women grabbed his shirt and held her ground. Seeing that there was no other way out, he quickly jumped into the canal by the side of the road and refused to come out.
After a while he eventually dragged himself out and returned the transport fare to other passengers who agreed to enter another bus.



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