Friday, 19 August 2016

How to attract a man or woman for relationship

How do you cheer up a man who is down in the dumps? Every woman feels better for being complimented on her appearance, but what is the equivalent of: “You look beautiful” for a man?

The quickest way to compliment anyone is to refer to their sex appeal. A man is turned on by what he sees; a woman turned on by what she hears. Hence, to charm a woman, a man needs only to tell her that she is beautiful but to compliment a man, you need only to let him know that what he says is riveting. 

As every seductress knows, you start by making a man feel witty and clever. That is not always a plausible response, but there is another route. Men are notoriously bad at expressing their feelings, yet, deep down, they are troubled by them. They want to be understood without having to go through the agony of self-revelation. So, as he sits there, numb and depressed, neither witty nor clever, let him believe you understand how he feels. (Of course, it helps if you don’t need to.) Vague expressions of acknowledgement such as “I admire how you’re dealing with this” or “I know it is difficult” will go a long way.



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