Tuesday, 16 August 2016

How 15 escaped death in Awka road crash involving 18 damaged vehicles

 Over 15 people escaped death in Awka, Anambra State yesterday when a luxurious bus driver lost control and crashed into sever other vehicles, leaving trails of blood.
The accident, which occurred along Zik’s Avenue, Awka also left no fewer than eighteen vehicles damaged by the luxurious bus.
Eye witness, Emeka Uzor said the luxurious bus was said to be coming from the North was loaded with foodstuff including baskets of tomatoes, cartons of beer and other items, part of which were offloaded at Nkwo Amenyi market.

According to him, when the driver wanted to continue his journey, the vehicle failed to start, but after a push, the engine started and failed break.

He said over twenty people were injured and rushed to the nearest hospital including the Amaka Teaching Hospital, Awka, while 20 vehicles were damaged.

Narrating the incident, Uzor said, the accident started around  8.00am on Monday at Nkwo Amaenyi market where  the luxurious bus driver of God’s Own Motors Ltd with Registration Number HAL 276YG, lost control due to break failure and crashed into several other vehicles including cars and Tricycles popularly known as Keke Napep.

According to him  the bus traveled for over one kilometer, sweeping off vehicles, destroying street lights and shops along the road, while leaving trails of blood.

“People were seen shouting, and running away for safety and later the luxurious bus hit a Toyota car and stopped near old Post Office”, Uzor said, with many people injured.

Also another witness, Nicholas Okafor, said he heard a large noise and when he ran out, he saw a luxurious bus crashed into a moving Toyota car and stopped.

Okafor said, “When I rushed to the scene of the crash near old post office, I saw two passengers being evacuated from the Toyota car which is the final point of the crash”.

Speaking on the crash, in an interview with the Anambra State Sector Commander, Federal Road Safety Corps, Samuel Ajayi who confirmed the incident said no death was recorded so far.

He said twelve people were injured and are receiving treatment in some hospitals in Awka while eighteen vehicles including cars and Tricycles were damaged in the crash.

According to him, “The injured were rushed to Amaku teaching Hospital, Regina Caeli and Ifebi Hospitals, Awka where they responding to treatment.

“What we saw is a crash and this is the final point of the crash. The luxurious bus was the major cause of the accident. Information said there was stress in the break”.

He however, cautioned drivers to always check the condition of their vehicle before heading on the road, reminding that Zik’s Avenue is a major road in Awka.

He also warned people especially traders not to display their wares on the high way.
When the Guardian  arrived at the final point of the accident, some people were seen gathered in groups discussing the incident while men of the Federal Safety Corps were seen directing traffic to decongest the road.  



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