Friday, 19 August 2016

Anambra is a State that Secures People Kinappers have taking over their affairs?

19th August, 2016
My old man said “Agadi Nwanyi da nda ada na abo,ogua ife obu na ukpa onu” [When an old woman fall twice on her way to the market ,she will take stock of her wares] .
My state has gone from the Cream of the states ,the cynosure of all eyes to EYE SORE of all nations,onabu di onye kwue asi si jide ya welu chua aja ?[Must we hunt for those that speak the truth to mow them down and be used as offering ?]
We are currently the state that spend more in security but ndi NTORI kariri [Kidnappers has taking over the affairs ]. A state that when Governor OBI were taking 250 Million Naira as security vote ,he was able to Buy so many Pick Up trucks for POLICE,ARMY,PRISON WARDERS,CIVIL DEFENCE ,NAVY and in his last 2 years as Governor not even one Robbery were recorded and he started demolishing the house of Kidnappers starting from pulling down the one belonging to the famous OFE AKWU of ORAIFITE .
But the new Governor who is taking 1.4 Billion Naira monthly not counting the 250 Million giving to Office of the first Lady as her own security Vote ,which at the end of the day ,our artisans were made to pay by very high increase in everything ,the lowest is when they increase with only 300 % ,but i digress .
Now not only that we over TAX our women and Men ,not only that we multiplied the REVENUE extortion organised bu UGU OKA and handled by one sector from the NORTHERN PART of the state . We have driven the poor into destitution ,the Drivers are crying blood because we photocopied a documents without value and started using VAMPIRE like Thugs to force it on the drivers ,which in most cases this Drivers lose some teeth or broken Nose and so many valuables and yet they will collect 2,000 for the book and 8,000 Naira as fine ,all this without the backing of the HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY and they kept quiet because sometime the seat of power will give them money for Recharge card .
We just wonder how we get to this low !!!! Sure ,we know that PETER OBI committed a Blunder by giving somebody who has never tasted leadership before or say , He that has never headed any Board meeting ,Kindred meeting ,Village meeting or towns meeting but by virtue of Political VOODOOISM from Umeh ,the mistake was made but our happiness is that 2017 that mistake will be corrected ,after all he said that he WAS,NT prepared to be a GOVERNOR and that he was sipping CHAMPAGNE by his pool side in Houston when he was called to become a Governor ,so we will send him back to Swimming pool to continue the Champagne session .
Now moving to unleashing young men after our own MOTHERS AND WIVES ,does it mean we have lost sense of decency this much ? .
August meetings even the Bishops stays away to give women time to Gossip ,meet , strategise on how to make us the HUS-BANDS pay through the nose one way or the other ,but i digress .
This is same meeting my Governor sent out more than 600 of his SSA’S to invade them ,harass them with the name of the Governor ,waste their time and politicalise the meeting and the Young men went without shame and it disgust me . If they are not married ,don,t they have mothers ?
We started with using our under age GIRLS as SEX OFFERINGS ,we started with MISS ABS ,MISS ABS NEWS ,MISS RADIO ABS ,MISS WILLIE IS WALKING ,MISS ANAMBRA ,FACE OF ANAMBRA ,BEST BOOBS OF ANAMBRA and with promises of giving them BRAND NEW CAR ,FAT BANK ACCOUNT ,OVER SEAS TRIPS ,so the young Girls looking at the promises will be CHEWED like Chewing Gum from SA to SSA to EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT ,then after passing them round ,they will reserve the winner as NRI OGA . if you dare ask them to create JOB to discourage this ,they will unleash those uncircumcised THUGS that will issue Death threat at slightest rebuttal . That makes me to wonder if there is any reasonable fellow working for the Governor on his Media ? many of the ones that pretend like James Eze has more than 6 Pseudo account where he get his erection insulting Peter Obi ,not to talk of Mimi who is Ifeanyi Aniagor with more than 7 other pseudo ,so you imagine from where they exhume this people ?.
This Girls ana agba ka BICYCLE hire are they not those we hope that will take over from the LIKES of DORA AKUNYILI ,IYOM EKWUNIFE ,AMANDA ADICHIE and host of others ,but our Government has turned them into object of ARIGOLU AKWATUO .
Let’s talk about PETER OBI,S BAD GOVERNANCE ..
I will always say my mind after all ikuom aka nti ,ntim agaghi adapu [if you give me a slap my ear will not fall off] ,Peter Obi and his BAD GOVERNANCE must be discussed and i need no urging to bring it to fore ..
Peter Obi brought all this bad Governance to my state ,First he buried God fatherism and used his own money and ran his election. It is a made man that answers eze afo juru ,a man that borrows for anything must know that “Onye Ugwo nusia ogu ,oma kwuo ugwo oji” [A debtor after fighting and shouting must pay back the debt ]
When he came in and met a state ruined by UBA brothers and NGIGE ,because the agreement they signed and sealed in the Heart of OKIJA SHRINE gave Ubah everything and left nothing for Ngige ,,that was how the fight started ,not that Ngige refused to abide with the unholy agreement and alignment but if he continue paying with the Tune and terms of the agreement ,nothing will remain for Ngige ,so they fought, Burn our state ,met and share the spoils again and moving on ..
When Obi came in and saw the STATE HOUSE they Burnt and Ngige presented a Budget of 530 MILLION NAIRA as what it will take to repair it ,instead for OBI to continue from there ,he simply use DIRECT labour and it cost the state less that 50 MILLION PLUS OR MINUS and the House said he did not follow Due process and they impeached him .. Why did,nt he call me and say MAZI ODERA ,can you please repair this house at the approved 530 MILLION ? that way ,i will be proud to say PETER WAS WORKING ..but No he saved the state such sum and i am beginning to think it was a mistake .
Now in my state ,the Bishops ,the Igwe’s the Former Governors and the Elites are celebrating a man that met over 100 Billion Naira ,mazua ya within 2 years and borrowed over 50 Billion which omazu kwuru as well ,so it makes me to itch for a fight with OBI for wasting his time building a LEGACY ,making our Health institution best of the best ,making Education once again to have value ,making our state to command respect . Why did’nt he bring out some of this MONEY ka anyi MAZUA and ndi Bishop will be singing Hossana for us as well ?.
Imagine now when he brought into Governance a man that was by his SWIMMING POOL sipping Champagne meaning –JOBLESS and gave him that which many spent multi Billions dreaming to get ,now the same man has spent over 530 MILLION of the saved 75 BILLION and change the gate of the Government house only ,listen i said ONLY THE ENTRANCE gate to Government house ,the gate was changed more than 3 times looking for the one plated with GOLD . This is what will make my Old man to say “Nwata kpoo njigho ,amalu ka uche ya ha” [When a kid somersault you will know his mental state ] .
I cannot talk about GOLD BED ,CHAMPAGNE FESTIVALS or even SEAGATE BEAUTY CONTEST ,but what i will talk about is ,why on earth did OBI left a whooping sum of 75 BILLION for a man that was Retired and his only companion is CHAMPAGNE and SWIMMING POOL ? ,why not 75 Million Naira ?. had it been he retired and start his own business of enterprise he would,ve known how to manage money ,but he was doing nothing …MOVING ON ..
Why did Obi raise our Hope so high by giving us the best ROAD NETWORK IN NIGERIA ? ,like my Friend will say “Kama onu na anu Moet ga akwusi inu ,nke anubereo anuna even coke ” [Instead the mouth that has been drinking Moet will stop ,let the one that has never tasted it ,do not even drink COKE] ,we have witnessed how you can travel from one end of the state to another driving a TARRED road and now what we have is apiam way to run away from the THUGS in UNIFORM that are chasing DRIVERS FOR WIW DRIVERS HANDBOOK ,or OCHA BRIGADE whose designation starts from collecting TAX to Radio permit to collection of debt and even controlling Traffic . Then you Run from Ndi Mpiawa Azu also called WIW . Imagine the greatest fit from the GOVERNOR is to unleash SOLDIERS at the entrance of our state ,so they can shoot at sight ? ,in Civilian setting the Soldiers are mowing down your subjects and you sit in comfort ?
How about Running away from his goons called SSA and SA’S whose offices are mostly under trees at GOVERNMENT HOUSE PARKING LOT and HAVILA HOTEL ,SEA GATE and other Hotels where they count census on Umuazi Under Graduates na Unizik ,where they will promise them PHD before Graduation ,they will wave the CARD of working for Governor at the face of the Girl and as the Girl will be thinking if this is good Luck ,next you hear “Ife balu aba ,abago” .
When that started getting outdated they devised another one where they colluded with ABS DIRECTOR to start BEAUTY PAGEANT instead of reporting News ,they started Beauty Contest ,they will first line up more than 3 ,000 of our INNOCENT GIRLS make them buy Forms which money they will use to lease HOTEL for short time with same Girls ,the Girls will be banking on the promises from over 600 SSA’S and the BRAND NEW CAR they are brandishing as WINNING PRICE ,these over grown boys will count them census one by one and the worst is passing them round like COLA NUT ,onye suru onye nwanne ya . Forget the scam that will end it but the best will be reserved for “DON,T ASK ,SO I WON,T TELL” .
Now they have graduated to going after our MOTHERS and wives under the guise of AUGUST meeting and representing the Governor ,pray what does the Governor have to do with meeting Umu Nwanyi ? if there is anybody that will go for such ,we have WIFE OF THE GOVERNOR AND DEPUTY GOVERNOR’S WIFE and other Female in the Government but not to release all this RANDY HE goats on our Wives and Mothers ,having in mind the hard time in the country this women can be deceived with ease .
So kedu ife Umu Okorobia na eje ime na WOMEN’S MEETING ? but i digress ..
Peter Obi did bad by raising the Bar of Governance so high that Obiano was so scared of trying to pursue it ,as it is like illusion for him which can be pursued but not attain .
I read where this ordained MINIONS of the Governor were dancing Azonto that Peter Obi is making himself a GODFATHER TO OBIANO ,that he wants OBIANO to pay him 7 BILLION and it makes me wants to use Koboko to show this children some way to reason ..
Some said OBI wants 7 billion a month ,and some said 7 Billion as pay off but the worry is that this group of Ikwurigbas did not take into cognizance the fact that OBI handed over 75 Billion to OBIANO ,which if his problem is 7 Billion ,he would have taking 70 billion and the state will still be clapping ,but NO ,he handed over a healthy state and wealth and not only in NAIRA but also in HARD CURRENCY and yet this randy boys that reason through the Prick think that OBI wants our Money ?. Those that said Monthly ,how much do we make from IGR and ALLOCATION ? ,,MOVING ON –
If a man is so poor and hopeless and one day his KING called him and say ,come i want to give you a better life , bring your most trusted and i bring my most trusted ,so they can both observe the formation of the PATH ,and the most trusted of the beneficiary vetted every penny invested .
The only Terms is that the Beneficiary should pay back the PRINCIPAL as recorded by his most trusted ,not with a penny interest ..Then the beneficiary suddenly started going to Night Club, buying Yacht ,buying houses for Women ,sponsoring BEAUTY CONTEST so that he will get the best LAY and suddenly the person that brought the seed money ask for the refund of the money ,the Principal not one penny of interest and he SHOUTED godfatherism ,honestly in means that the POOR man that was elevated must have sworn to the gods that he is wicked and untrustworthy ,such opportunities are very rare but the problem is when it goes to ingrates but my old man has a word for it ,he will say “Onye Ugwo nusia ogu ,oma kwua ugwo oji”
Have a great weekend ,Mazi Odera is off but on



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