Tuesday, 12 July 2016

The Home Call on Igbos

(The Home Call)
Let's think Home Ndi-Igbo
Far behind the back seat, though almost about dozing off in sleep, as my skin assimilates the cool air oozing out from the car air-condition. This voice, a clean Anambra ascent from a young Igbo traditional musician ({Chinedu Okike) consumed my ear with the witty message it carries as it drums up...
Ka anyi na! ka anyi na!! ka anyi dozie
obodo anyi!!!
Ndi Igbo ka Anyi naba obodo anyi oo!!
Etc, meaning "let's go Igbos to develop our home"
How through is this Home Call?
What is the massage here, the center of discuss.
It raised a very serious question on the part of numerous Igbo sons and daughters, who for the past 35 to 40 years, left the shores of Igbo land to build and develop other parts of this country like Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, Kano etc, even some parts of the world, while their Father land is left industrially barren. Economically desolate even in that face of obvious commercial face it carry nationally and internationally.
This also contribute to the continuous skewing of the Igbos out of Nigerian politics, where we are forced to become "the hewer of woods and drawers of water in their father land".
In this home call, comes the following inquiry.
1) Is there anything wrong with investing in Igbo land?
2) is there anything wrong with Igbo soil, air and sea?
3) why do our people prefer to develop the West and North instead of their father land?
4) analysis have shown that of all the tribes in Nigeria, the Igbo land is the only place unfavorable for other fellow Nigerian to site business or invest in. Yet our Igbo brethren consistently enrich the North and West of Nigeria with heavy employment thereby alleviating the afflictions of joblessness in those areas.
I was happy also when on my way to Nnewi at exactly the boundary between Ozubulu and Nnewi at the right conner while descending from my home town Azia, I observed a pleasant Field wherein upon inquiry, I was told its the Nnewi born business man and owner of Capital oil, Dr. Ifeanyi Ubah, a.k.a (Ebube Chukwuzo na Nnewi) who purchased the said land where he is building his game village, a land acquired in tunes of 100s of million, with the capacity of employing not less than 500 unemployed youths. This for me was a welcome development.
At Ihiala LGA my council, precisely in Okija, is situated a Pediatric Hospital one of the best of its kind in Africa, built by one of the great sons of the council, Chief Azudialu Obiejesi a.k.a (Obijackson) who have being supportive in the development Ihiala and the state through his company, with many of his company situated in his home state Anambra example, the Hamacort Construction Company sited along Owerri road.
Just a month ago, Chief Obijackson also brought the highly internationally revered Jesuit School being constructed in Ihiala L.G.A.
In Orumba, Dr. Maduka on his part in currently building the best medical Edifice in the whole of the southern Nigeria for the development of their home state.
These projects as it were, go also a long way to not only bring development to these rural communities, but also solve the economic and unemployment problem bedeviling Anambra State.
Yet, this is still not up to the sand of companies and industries owned by key Igbo Bourgeoisie whom other parts of the country owe a lot of gratitude for lifting the face of their respective zones and state in areas of industrialization, urbanisation and high unemployment rate other the Igbo land. It however begs to ask the following questions
....Shall we continue to let desolate our Father land?
....Shall we continue to create jobs for Ndi-Awusa and Yoruba when our Youths are yearning for means of livelihood?
....What will be the fate of Ndi-Igbo in the next 30 years going by this total abandonment of the Igbo land by her sons and daughters???
Dalu nu...
My reflection on charity begins at Home idea.
Mmuomaife Uche Chuks
Director Apga Ihiala (Interactive Forum)
Writes from Azia, Ihiala LGA



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