Monday, 18 July 2016

Tension in Anambra As Elected Councillors Plan to Stop Gov. Obiano’s Second tenure bid

--Laments neglect, ward underdevelopment reports that the elected councilors across 21 Local Government Area in Anambra have vowed to stop the state Governor, Chief Willie Obiano from winning the 2017 gubernatorial poll.

The councilors, who voiced their GRIEVANCES under the condition of anonymity lamented that the state government has since taken the management and allotment of Local Government funds.

That according to them could be reason they were retained and were still retained till date despite that their tenure had elapsed.

Read the press statement below;

The councilors decry the following:
1. Lack of developmental projects at various wards of the State.
2. Withholding of ward consistency projects at ward levels which has given them bad political image. Despite the continued receipt of Monthly Federal Allocation through Revenue Mobilization Allocation and Fiscal Commission.
3. Non- Payment of councilors' lawful Entitlements as enshrined in the Anambra State Public Officers salaries law. ANHA/ LAW/2007/10 which was enacted by Anambra State House of Assembly and took affect from 1/07/2007.-This laws states as follows.
i. Councillors' Basic salary of N79,174.00 was reduced to N35,400.00
leaving a balance of N43, 774.00 monthly unpaid for 2 years,
ii. Allowances as provided for in the above law are
a. Accommodation allowance 100% ABS
b. Vehicle loan allowance 400% ABS
c. Furniture Allowance
d. Utility Allowance *
e. Vehicle Maintenance Allowance
f. Entertainment Allowance ~"
g. House Maintenance Allowance
h. Newspaper allowance
- i. Severance/ Gratuity.
At the inception of the Councillors' two years term, in a meeting with the* governor, then commissioner for Local Government Affairs Hon Mrs Azuka Ememuo and former Political Adviser to the Governor Chief Joe. Martins with His Excellency, the Governor personally acknowledge and promised to pay the Councillors all their statutory allowances ana1 car loans.
Unfortunately till date, the State Government has only approved N280,000.00 for furniture allowance and only paid N140,000.00. Although N280,000.00 is over 80% less than the lawfully approved furniture allowance for councilors, the State Government refused to pay it completely
.4 Local Government 2 years team in Anambra State for elected Councillors were ran without duly prepared and approved budgets.
Close to the expiration of the elected councilors' term in January 2016, between 25th and 26th of January 2016. All legislative Councils in Anambra State were presented with 'State prepared Budgets' for 2014 and 2015 and were mandated to in a meeting approve and pass them into laws as working document for their various Councils for the two years gone by. With threat that any councilor or Local Government Legislative council that failed to approve and pass the 'State Government prepared budgets' for their council will be denied both his/ her last month salary as elected councillor and other entitlements. The State Government went further and promised the Councillors N50,000.00 each. This order on budget passage was given by the Commissioner for Local Government Affairs, Hon. Gregory Obi and Mr. Tony Olie S.A Finance and Secretary JAC.
All these led to the passage of the budgets under duress even though none of the projects captured in the said budget were ever executed anywhere in their wards and Local Government.
Note: the Local Government Council Chairmen in Anambra State have Continued to sabotage the Local Government councils by monthly signing unexecuted - projects' for the State Government after been paid kick backs. Also the Chairmen were paid Seven Million Naira car allowance in lieu whereas the councilors elected with them got nothing.
Very disheartening is the fact that in the two years term of the Councillors, Local Governments in Anambra State- alone received over 34.6 bn directly from Federal Allocation.
This is even when all Governor's SSAs and SAs numbering over 600, have had all their allowances paid . even as appointed officers while elected officers at Local Government have not been paid two years after assumption, of office. Even as the State Government complains of Short fall in fund it has continued to appoint new
aids into the Government with their entitlements and salaries all been fully paid on assumption of office. The most recent is the appointments into the State Petroleum Committee which has a lot of female undergraduates of Unizik as members, including one Miss Miracle Okeke and others.
Information available shows that many of the councilors are threatening to embark on public awareness to clear themselves of involvement in the shabby budget approval and financial recklessness in local government administration led by state government to avoid being tried for financial crimes by EFCC and ICPC. They also plan in the public outing to demand payment of their entitlements from the State government.

Written by Odera (APGA alaigbo)



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