Saturday, 16 July 2016

My Response to Lies coming from our Govt Propaganda

By Ikechukwu Emeka Onyia.
Anambra State Govt under Gov Obiano should tell us her Investment in Education and not achievement recorded by Anambra Students and Schools due to govt of Peter Obi Investment in Education!

You may recall that I wrote about the calculated efforts of the Govt of Anambra State to destroy our Education sector which previous govt of Peter Obi toiled to place in high pedestal .
While two commissioners were busy fighting for money for JSS3 students exams, our students, parents became victims, and our education sector sliding into oblivion.
After the publication calling on Gov Obiano to have mercy on the students , they went for damage control by listing what Anambra State students and schools have achieved under Gov Obiano .
My reaction :
(1) In view of what they listed as prizes Anambra State students and schools have won under Gov Obiano, i wish to remind them that all they listed were the offshoot of Peter Obi investment in Education which they are battling to subject to precipice of collapse.
(2) The question to them is , what have they invested in Education sector of Anambra State?
(3) With all the billions they inherited from Peter Obi , what have they added to the education sector ?
(4) we saw Peter Obi rebuild schools in Anambra State .Gov Obiano is yet to.
(5) we saw Peter Obi share #500,000 to schools for their Libraries .
(6) We saw Peter Obi share ‪#‎10million‬ to secondary schools for their infrastructural development.
(7) We saw Peter Obi equip Science Labs in our schools .
(8) we saw Peter Obi Buy buses to each of our secondary schools in Anambra State .
(9) We saw Peter Obi inject over ‪#‎3billion‬ in the state University for their infrastructural development.
(10) We saw Peter Obi attract development partners to our Education sector .
(11) We saw Peter Obi build a modern State Library (Prof Kenneth Dike Library Awka ) .
(12) We saw Peter Obi hand management of our public schools to religious organizations that were the original owners to manage same for the govt .
(13) We saw Peter Obi share Computers to our schools .
(14) We saw Peter Obi employ Computer Teachers for our students .
(15) We saw him recruit more teachers .
(16) We saw Peter Obi Pay Teachers salaries as and when due.
(17) we saw Peter Obi clear the arrears owed by Mbadinuju administration.
(18) We saw Peter Obi take Education and anything connected thereto very seriously.
(19) We saw Peter Obi meet Students,motivating them .
(20) We saw Peter Obi give out his direct line to Senior Prefects of Anambra State secondary schools so that he would be hearing students version uncensored.
(21) we saw Education in Anambra State come top among States of the federation .
(22) And Peter Obi's administration investment/Commitment paid off. Our students and schools started emerging winners in National and international Competitions.
Today , what has Gov Obiano invested in Education sector of Anambra State?
He is busy aggrandising to himself the achievements of Peter Obi in Education.
We were in Anambra State when Gov Obiano forcibly sold Computers to school teachers at market price which money they deducted from their salaries .Teachers kicked against it ,but Gov Obiano govt had its way .
A govt that could not set his Sectoral Priority right is not a govt of 21century .
Some of us are writing because we have to protect achievement recorded over the years before the emergence of Gov Obiano. Gov Obiano and his team constitute danger to these achievements of our past leaders like Ngige and Obi .
We have to protect our effort .
It has been proven that we made mistake in 2013 and have to correct it in 2017.
Ikechukwu Emeka Onyia©2016



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