Sunday, 17 July 2016

How to find out if your boyfriend or spouse is a womanizer

Is there a simple test for a womanizer? You surely do not want to marry a guy like that! These tips will clearly indicate you he is that kind of a man. Married ladies, attention, check your husbands right now! Some of these signs work for them, too.
1. Ongoing search
You two meet in some romantic location, such as a restaurant or a night club. He talks to you, but somehow you get this odd feeling. He looks at you, but out of the corner of his eye he also monitors the room. He searches for other hotties there. That’s a womanizer!
2. Too much passion
You feel as if you were a princess in some fairytale. He gives you all his attention and such an intense passion. However, the chances are this passion would burn out soon and he would need a new “muse” to rekindle it.
3. No future
You date the guy, and may even make love to him. That goes on for a while, but he never offers you to meet some of his friends or parents. You stay locked out of his life, and he shows no interest in meeting yours. Here you go, you got another sign!
4. The party boy
One of the top signs of a womanizer is this: he always has an option. These guys have a hard time building relationships and staying loyal. They do not really appreciate the women they are with. Even the husbands could be like that. He married you but remains a party boy? Well, it’s not good, he might be a womanizer and keep on doing what he used to do before he met you.
5. He is on and off
For a time he is all that into you. You get excited and tell your friends about the boy. And all of a sudden he disappears. No phone calls, no messages, nothing. He may show up after in a while and be mad at you for demanding the answers or turn it all a joke.
If you see a combination of these signs in a guy you like, run, take to your heels and leave him far behind. Otherwise, if you marry him, you would have to run after him all the time!



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